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Seagal Has A Big(er) Movie Filming This Month

You might recall a mention of a movie called Attrition a while back, a feature that Steven Seagal wanted to make sure was better than previous DTV efforts.  Well, according to CityonFire, this movie shoots this month;

Steven Seagal (Above the Law) is set to begin work on Attrition, a Kurosawa-esque project that Seagal wrote years ago. At once point, Seagal was attached to helm the project (it would have been his first directing gig since 1994’s On Deadly Ground, 22 years ago), but directorial duties were switched over to Mathieu Weschler, the filmmaker behind Covert Operation (aka The Borderland).

A while back Chief Seagal stated the following; I’ve written something called ATTRITION, which kind of reminds me of a [Akira] Kurosawa movie. I’m hoping to make that soon, maybe in China, maybe in Hong Kong, maybe in Thailand. We’ve got a lot of great offers out there. We’re going to be getting real busy this year.

Real busy indeed.  Steven Seagal has been making a lot of movies of late but it’ll be interesting to see him take command of one himself again.

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