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Sons Spin Off ‘Mayans’ Having Difficulty

The pilot for FX’s Sons of Anarchy spin off, Mayans M.C., will be scrapped and redone in its entirety.

Variety notes that Norberto Barba has been hired to direct the re-done pilot, with Kurt Suter on writing duties with Barba handling the reshoots. Elgin James co-wrote the script.

It’s unknown which roles will be recast but key hires for the pilot have included JD Pardo, Edward James Olmos, Richard Cabral, John Ortiz, Antonio Jaramillo and Clayton Cardenas.

The series will follow EZ Reyes, a prospect for the Mayans charter on the California-Mexico border. EZ will struggle with his desire for vengeance against the local cartel and his need for the women in his life to respect him.

I would advise anyone looking at the original series for the first time to cut the rope after around the third season, because after season 2 (the best by far), it all goes downhill.  Not even Peter Weller starring and directing (a bit) can suffer Suter’s atrocious screenwriting.

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