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Stallone: Connor/Floyd “1st Degree Murder”, “Slaughter”

I won’t be using a picture of either Connor McGregor nor Floyd Mayweather in this post because cocksucking copyright trolls have purchased practically every image that exists of them on the ‘net for the express purpose of finding them with crawling images, then suing.

Anyway, it’s always nice to hear Sylvester Stallone talk about… well, fucking anything!

This time a cultist gets him to talk about McGregor/Mayweather, the upcoming August circus exhibition. Stallone forecasts that there will be ‘slaughter’, that Mayweather will face 1st degree murder charges. That is, of course, if the thing isn’t fixed.

I don’t mean fixing by having Mayweather go down, but maybe to give McGregor a bit of room.  Anyway, both of these men are laughing all the way to the bank with this kayfabe bullshit.