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Stallone Having Fun On Instagram (DRAGO/CREED)

Sylvester Stallone usually teases a thing or two on Instagram, or just has some fun with characters from his movies past and present.  The latest is a ‘what if’ where Adonis Creed meets the killer of his father, Captain Ivan Drago.

It’s not entirely outrageous. There is actually a script for a Drago spin off movie out there and there have been previous rumors that it was actually going to be re-tooled into Creed 2.  I recall an interview with Stallone a long time ago where he suggested that Drago, post-Rocky IV, became disillusioned with where his life had led him and that in his (Stallone’s) mind’s eye, the character of ‘Drago’ would now in theory by less of a villain and more of an anti-hero.

Another interview by the writer of the spin off movie suggests that Drago may be in theory be a man who has family connections to the mob, and ready to get out of prison himself.