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Stallone Having Fun On Instagram (DRAGO/CREED)

Sylvester Stallone usually teases a thing or two on Instagram, or just has some fun with characters from his movies past and present.  The latest is a ‘what if’ where Adonis Creed meets the killer of his father, Captain Ivan Drago.

It’s not entirely outrageous. There is actually a script for a Drago spin off movie out there and there have been previous rumors that it was actually going to be re-tooled into Creed 2.  I recall an interview with Stallone a long time ago where he suggested that Drago, post-Rocky IV, became disillusioned with where his life had led him and that in his (Stallone’s) mind’s eye, the character of ‘Drago’ would now in theory by less of a villain and more of an anti-hero.

Another interview by the writer of the spin off movie suggests that Drago may be in theory be a man who has family connections to the mob, and ready to get out of prison himself.

  • crocop97

    I’d pay in gold to watch this

  • Mucho Macho





  • Mucho Macho

    Drago killed the manlier, greater Apollo Creed..
    Imagine what he would do to this boy.


  • Mucho Macho
  • Interesting theory/story. I’d listen

  • Gabriel Carvalho

    Dolph just posted the same image on Instagram. If this film actually happens it better be good !!! Shit i am starting to have the same feelings that a had when Creed was first announced. Things were perfect with Rocky Balboa ending the saga ….Creed was good but come on …..

  • Movie_Buff_2011

    Dolph would wipe the floor with that plank of wood!!!

  • Duncan BROcleod

    I’d rather they just made an adaptation of the best Rocky-related form of media since the fourth one.

  • UpInHurr

    What would the story line be?! There’s a rumor that Drago would be there to help Rocky train Adonis, since Rocky is battling his own fight with Cancer and Drago would be overcome by guilt over killing Apollo it would make sense from a narrative perspective and would be percieved as something more original than a ‘revenge’ storyline. But I don’t know about how strong a storyline that would be, seems like Sly has already talked to Dolph about it.