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The Rock Files For A 2020 Presidential Campaign

Some time ago this was thrown around as a joke.  Now it seems it has become official.  Wrestler and action star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has allegedly filed for a 2020 run at the United States presidency.

According to records, the official paperwork has been filed on behalf of the Get Smart star by a man from West Virginia called Kenton Tilford.

When are these super-celebs going to get the message?  Don’t run for president!  Because there is no fucking democracy!  All it is in the west is a bunch of old men, plutocrats, running the show, with some clown standing out front waving.

But there’s always one singer, or actor, or whatever, who doesn’t get it.  Even if this guy was to win, the only thing he’s going to get in the end is a ton of hate mail.  Wouldn’t matter if he was conservative, democrat or other.

Whoever is in the chair will do whatever the fuck the powers that be tell him to, or he’ll find the brakes in his automobile have some issues at a high speed bend.  I can’t believe there are people out there who still believe in this crap.

Bad move, Rock.  Anyway, fuck it.  I’m off to re-watch ‘Snitch’.