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We’re Now Getting One Superhero Movie A Month

I wrote an article four years ago titled Comic Book Movies Need To Go.  I argued that fatigue had long since set and in and even aside from declining substance and quality, the fact that we were (then) heading on a trajectory of one leotard man-child movie every three months was too much.

Well it looks like it’s getting even worse.

Collider has a list over comic book movies heading our way between now and 2021.  There are 30 movies on that list, spanning a three year period, which is basically 1.2 movies every month. Unbelievable!

How many times can you watch the same shit over and over?  With each new iteration more worn out and overwrought than the last?  Look at the list, too.  Ants.  Bats.  Bees.  Spiders.  Are grown adults watching this schlock?

But it gets worse.

These plot-free CGI toy adverts are now invading the TV.  If you think 30 movies is bad, how about 50 TV shows!  Here is a list of those forecast by Deadline a while back.  Fifty fucking TV shows!  Is there no respite from this bullshit!

Meanwhile good stuff like the third in the Band of Brothers (de-facto) trilogy hangs in limbo, without even a release date, perhaps because there’s a declining market for adult themed entertainment and quicker bucks to be made off man-child stupor.  Maybe because neckbeards aren’t interested in stuff like that and instead want to spend their time comparing ‘powers and abilities’.

  • Eric Hutchison

    You mean to say you don’t want to go the movies every month to see the next installment of “latent homosexual guy in a leotard saving the world?” What’s wrong with you?

    • Avenging force

      Your like the kid from the six sense, I see gay people

  • John Ashton

    I’ve said for years it’s becoming silly now. I do watch a few of them on TV (don’t pay money to see them!), and enjoy some, mainly the X-men ones, but I’ve stopped bothering with everything else now and I’ve never watched any of the Tv shows, they’re everywhere you look. I read something about a superhero show / film coming out about a squirrel girl for fuck’s sake!! Mental.

  • Mucho Macho

    Fuck Marvel!
    Fuck DC!
    This is the only superhero movie that matters..
    From Manly Movie Productions
    Coming Summer 2018⤵

  • Max Borg

    The ones with confirmed release dates are 29, between November 2017 and March 2021, a total of 41 months. That’s actually 0.7 movies per month. And that’s assuming all of them really get made (which is highly doubtful when Fox is involved)…

  • Jacob Phillips

    Even as an eleven year old I shat on superhero movies, I’ll be watching Savage Dog and then rewatching some old school manly movies instead.

    • Avenging force

      Funny then you married an eleven year old I’m guessing your old school manly movie list is spy kids 2 ,followed by battleships then if it’s not bast your wife’s bedtime you go real hard core and stick on flubber.

      • Jacob Phillips

        While you watch The Aveng… nah fuck it, can’t be arsed.

  • Call me Roy

    At least Stallone is getting his much awaited Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff! What’s that? The IDIOT who said that was 100% stupid and wrong? Good job, Der.