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Cameron On Aliens 3D, New Terminator

James Cameron is currently promoting Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D.  On the official Facebook page for the movie, he did a fan Q&A session to raise awareness for the film.  You can watch the video for that here, embedding seems to be disabled for it.  Note that the first question comes from the cultists at ‘TheArnoldFans’, who get to ask Jim Cameron a question, and blow it by asking how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles will look in 3D – the pressing question on everyone’s mind, as Cameron himself kind of scoffs at.

Here are the salient points from the video:

True Lies and The Abyss on Blu-Ray are coming now that the wheels are in motion on the Avatar sequels.
– If Terminator 2 3D does well then Aliens 3D would probably be next.
– Wants to explore the origins of the Arnold Terminator (who the person actually was) in a possible new Terminator trilogy (“talking pretty seriously”).
– Feels studios are screwing up 3D, cites post-conversion quality.
– Thought Alien: Covenant was a “great ride”, not a film he would have made.
– VR in its current state doesn’t interest him, needs control over movement. “Several generations of technology away.” “Decades.”
– Re-iterates that a lot of the practical stunt effects done in T2 he would have done in CG today. “It would probably be a better shot in CG.”

I do wonder how well Terminator 2 3D is going to do.  Maybe I’ve been busy but I’m kind of getting the impression it’s not being talked about all that much, probably not helped by the poor state of 3D at the minute.