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Cameron On Aliens 3D, New Terminator

James Cameron is currently promoting Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D.  On the official Facebook page for the movie, he did a fan Q&A session to raise awareness for the film.  You can watch the video for that here, embedding seems to be disabled for it.  Note that the first question comes from the cultists at ‘TheArnoldFans’, who get to ask Jim Cameron a question, and blow it by asking how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles will look in 3D – the pressing question on everyone’s mind, as Cameron himself kind of scoffs at.

Here are the salient points from the video:

True Lies and The Abyss on Blu-Ray are coming now that the wheels are in motion on the Avatar sequels.
– If Terminator 2 3D does well then Aliens 3D would probably be next.
– Wants to explore the origins of the Arnold Terminator (who the person actually was) in a possible new Terminator trilogy (“talking pretty seriously”).
– Feels studios are screwing up 3D, cites post-conversion quality.
– Thought Alien: Covenant was a “great ride”, not a film he would have made.
– VR in its current state doesn’t interest him, needs control over movement. “Several generations of technology away.” “Decades.”
– Re-iterates that a lot of the practical stunt effects done in T2 he would have done in CG today. “It would probably be a better shot in CG.”

I do wonder how well Terminator 2 3D is going to do.  Maybe I’ve been busy but I’m kind of getting the impression it’s not being talked about all that much, probably not helped by the poor state of 3D at the minute.

  • Mucho Macho

    Hey guys check out this video.
    Great memories

    • Jeff

      Those were the days, man! 😀

      • Mucho Macho

        Good times👍

    • lol fuckin’ love it!

  • Mucho Macho
    • French Predator

      The Terminator is the best, 11/10.
      T2 is great but just 9/10.The original is uncompromising.

      • csc-60293

        The new trilogy will introduce new characters!!! U are gonna cry

        • French Predator

          I guess you fag didn’t grow up with Woo flicks.

          • csc-60293

            you are mad lol

      • Mucho Macho

        I agree. In the first one specially Arnold Schwarzenegger really did look and act like a fucking
        But with the passage of time one develops a certain love for things. Terminator 2 was special when it was released & the fact that we don’t get movies like that anymore for the most part makes it even more special. Like I have written in the past “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and Nostalgia make something really more special or an emotional experience.
        The first Terminator is amazing you’re right it’s uncompromising but T2 I have seen a million times as well so both movies for me are 11/10.
        Just compare T2 to some of the crap we got this summer and you’ll see my point😂

        • Jake

          I view it like this: T2 is a better overall film but T1 is a better Terminator movie.

          The only negative about T2 is the way it has completely overshadowed both the franchise and Arnold’s career ever since.

          • Mucho Macho

            Arnold has made some great movies since “T2” like “True Lies” and “Eraser” but there are just some things that become iconic, legendary and become a part of pop culture and people’s lives.

            Despite of other successes and accomplishments, Stallone will always be Rocky and Rambo for example. Harrison Ford seems to have finally come to peace with the fact that he would always be attached to “Star Wars” long after he’s gone. Ralph Macchio will always be “The Karate Kid”, Dolph Lundgren once spoke in an interview how he was surprised how many young men keep rediscovering “Rocky 4” cuz he mentions how so many young guys recognize him as Drago still to this very day. Sean Connery will always be Bond to many people and the list goes on.

            I think some actors just learn how to deal with it better than others. Some accept and are appreciative of the fact that they are a part of something that became iconic & a part of american pop culture and other seemed to develop a dislike or hatred for the character that they became known for.

            I think Arnold handled it well. I think the problem with him is that he has wanted to milk that cow when is career needed some sort of resuscitation and in the end kept making not so good Terminator movies. Should have stopped at part 2 IMO.

          • Jake

            Agreed. It’s funny because Arnold made his career in part by refusing to do lazy sequels yet today he could almost be mistaken for one of those actors that are only known for a single role.

            T2 was his peak but that also means it’s been downhill ever since. The success of T2 (and especially Twins) caused him to shift away from violent action towards a broader appeal that could attract the entire family. That’s probably another reason why so many of his R rated projects like Crusade and I Am Legend fell apart in the 90’s. He may have thought why risk a huge budget on a violent action movie when you could make a comedy or Batman sequel and be assured of crossover appeal?

          • Mucho Macho

            I remember being really curious about his I Am Legend project back in the day.. too bad we never got it

    • French Predator


  • Lt_Cobretti

    ”It would probably be a better shot in CG.”

    Fuck off, Jim.

    • yeah the last statement highlight caught my attention. That is alarming & deflating! I guess stunt men are an insurance risk anymore?

  • Jake

    Arnold as a human is probably the last card they have left to play as the old terminator concept didn’t work out in Genisys and an all-cgi version of his younger self would be too expensive.

    But it also seems like Cameron is riffing on the idea in response to the fan’s question rather than suggesting that’s what the focus would be in a new trilogy. He’s previously suggested any new films would have to move past Arnold and John Connor and reinvent the franchise.

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