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Here’s A New Trailer For ‘Stratton’

As ManlyMovie exclusively revealed in July last year, director Simon West has a new special forces in the pipe called ‘Stratton’.  Check out the new trailer above (and the poster below).

The movie is based on the series of books by Duncan Falconer and concern John Stratton, a veteran S.B.S. (Special Boat Service) operative who has to risk life, limb and national security in order to track down an international terrorist cell.

Tagline: “The enemy has a weapon. So do we.”  Dominic Cooper stars.

  • Mucho Macho

    At 0:28 me likey

  • Mucho Macho

    I’ll watch this…looks cool

  • jim

    Too generic for me..too many boy chicks…too many women giving instructions….too ordinary…

  • Barney Ross

    The director of Con Air and Expendables 2, could be good! Posted it on my channel.

  • GWB 8219

    Read all the books. I was looking forward to this. I wished they would have been able to keep Henry Cavil in the lead role, he looked more like the character in the books on the covers and in the descriptions by Falconer in his books. I will still give it a look.

    • Avenging force

      Loved the books agree with cavil but looks good will give it my money

  • Serbius

    Looks alright.

  • Barney Ross
  • Lt_Cobretti

    Simon West might be the most consistently ‘competent’ action director, even the ones he’s done under Avi Lerner have turned out well considering the usual headaches and horseshit that come with working for that dickhead. This looks to be no exception. The general public will write it off for being generic, of course, completely unaware of how much worse it could have turned out with a lesser director with the same material/budget/crew/.

    Edit: I checked IMDB and it’s sitting at a 4.9, I actually watched some of it and it looks pretty fucking stellar, looking forward to watching more.