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Leaked Fight Scene: Seagal Vs. Tyson

If you’ve waited years, nay, decades, to see Steven Seagal versus Mike Tyson, the time is at hand.  Above is the full leaked scene for upcoming actioner The China Salesmen, starring both men.

It’s kind of spoilery I suppose.

The China Salesman, also known as Zhong Guo Tui Xiao Yuan, is a Chinese production that is directed by Tan Bing. It’ll also star Ethan Li, Xia Yu, Yu Nan, Wang Qianyuan, Duobujie, Marc Goodma and Li Ai.

The movie was filmed near Beijing, Inner Mongolia and in Tunisia, it wrapped last September.  In the movie, Tyson supposedly plays a villainous arms dealer, who will eventually be confronted by the heroic Steven Seagal.  Although Mr. Seagal may have little screen time.

But for a fight scene with Mike Tyson, who looks in great shape by the way, might it be worth the price of entry alone?

Thanks to: Sergei