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You’re Probably Going To Wanna Buy This Book

Brooding thrillers from the 1970’s are probably the best.  Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, who could beat these men at their own game, in their prime?

Now a new book comes out, Opening Wednesday at a Theater Or Drive-In Near You: The Shadow of the American ’70s, by author Charles Taylor.  The book covers in particular those gritty B-movies from the era.

Here is the outline;

When we think of ’70s cinema, we think of classics like The Godfather, Taxi Driver, and The Wild Bunch . . . but the riches found in the overlooked B movies of the time, rolled out wherever they might find an audience, unexpectedly tell an eye-opening story about post-Watergate, post-Vietnam America. Revisiting the films that don’t make the Academy Award montages, Charles Taylor finds a treasury many of us have forgotten, movies that in fact “unlock the secrets of the times.”

Celebrated film critic Taylor pays homage to the trucker vigilantes, meat magnate pimps, blaxploitation “angel avengers,” and taciturn factory workers of grungy, unartful B films such as Prime Cut, Foxy Brown, and Eyes of Laura Mars. He creates a compelling argument for what matters in moviemaking and brings a pivotal American era vividly to life in all its gritty, melancholy complexity.

I haven’t read it yet, but it does sound like it’s right up our street…

  • Black Destroyer

    “The Night Rider” Yo nigga what’s going on with the blatant turd polishing recently bro?

    first the two reviews of Scott Adkins latest direct to video efforts? Savage dog 8/10? Undisputed lower score you for real blood?

    Bro we know the sites been struggling, but don’t blatantly lie to the users who visit this site regularly and have made donations to keep the site afloat bro!

    Nigga this is worse then those direct to video movies that have managed to get one A lister to appear for 5 mins, yet there plastered all over the movies cover!

    blood don’t mug off the sites users! Shilling some book you haven’t even read get the fuck out of here nigga!

  • David Barber

    I burned Prime Cut onto a DVD-R for a friend recently and he liked it but thought Lee Marvin was wooden (I thought he was great, playing his usual tough guy self) and found Gene Hackman’s performance to be a lot better. He thought there were quite a few plot holes but enjoyed the action.

  • Call Mr Roy

    Thanks for the recommendation. I won’t be reading it.