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Found: The Perfect Man To Play Putin

Well gentlemen.  Let me chime in here by saying that for years most of the world has been waiting for a movie about Vladimir Putin.  We wondered who could play him.  The answer is that the perfect actor has been found: Matthias Schoenaerts is a dead ringer for the leader of the free world.

There is no denying the resemblance.  Look again.  He could play young Vladimir.

Schoenaerts is actually going to start in “Kursk”, a EuropaCorp movie that was originally supposed to feature Putin, but his role was axed and Schoenaerts is playing someone else in that movie anyway.

  • The Night Rider
  • French Predator


  • ColonelBobi

    Jesus he could be his son! That’s the guy from ‘The Drop’ with Tom Hardy right? He was cool as a creepy dude in that.

    • BradyDeez

      Yeah, he was really good in that movie. Loved the power move Tom made at the end when he called him out on his bullshit.

      • ColonelBobi

        Yep that was a cold scene. His humble barman turned out to have a sociopathic dark side. Either that or he was an everyman that had had enough. One of Gandolfini’s last movies too which always saddens me when I see it. Tony Soprano will always be a manly legend despite his whining to his psychiatrist.