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Arnold Hints At Terminator 3 Remake

This is quite frankly news I’ve been waiting for for a long time, or at least the closest we’re ever going to get to it (minus Cameron directing).

Speaking at the An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger event this week in Birmingham England (thanks to The Terminator Fans), the former Governor of California confirmed that the new film will ignore the events of  the last movie and hinted that it is indeed another direct sequel to Terminator 2.

With the director of Deadpool on board and with Jim Cameron as mentor, we could have something nice in the pipeline here.  And although people aren’t going to call it the ‘Terminator 3 remake’, it feels nice to say that.  Sorry, but I hated Terminator 3 and anything that came after it.

I don’t know how they’re going to deal with the age issue.  Hamilton and Schwarzenegger are older than the hills, but I do recall Jim Cameron trying to convince Clint Eastwood to film a Dirty Harry sequel using some super CGI de-aging thing he pitched.  Eastwood, perhaps wisely, refused.

  • John wick

    A few things have already been confirmed that you must have missed. A member of collider attended the screening of terminator 2 with both Cameron and miller present along with the announcement of Linda Hamilton’s return a few other things got mentioned!
    Arnold Schwarzenegger will be playing a terminator his current real life age, no cgi de aging. They never stated why or how this would happen.
    Cameron is checking in the writers room once a week so hes involved to a decent degree.
    the aim is to make a great Sci fi story not a movie full of explosion’s or a action spectacle.
    Arnold and Linda wont be the lead characters more like the new star wars force awakens Han solo type of deal present but not the main focus of the story.

  • Jake

    Arnold said it will ignore Genisys but he also told Cameron that people are going to view it as the 6th Terminator movie no matter what.

    Which is true. Hamilton returning is a big deal for fans but how many people are really going to distinguish this Terminator from the past three that were either disappointing or outright failures? Especially when the last attempt released a mere two years ago, starred the same actor, and was also billed as “the REAL Terminator 3”?

    • john wick

      Bring Robert Patrick back as the T1000 or a slightly upgraded model. Slap Cameron’s name all over the promotional material posters, trailers! That would get the regulars hyped! Also from the “Director” of deadpool in bold letter lol. Confirm more practical stuff and a r rating! Boom 100 plus million opening weekend!

      • Jake

        I expect they’ll do all that but I’m not sure how much weight any of it will still carry beyond the die hards. Cameron lost a lot of credibility for his endorsements of T3 and Genisys, while Arnold squandered so much goodwill by appearing in those films. They also JUST came out and said “ignore the previous sequels because THIS is the real T3!” To try and immediately do that again smacks of all kinds of fuckery.

        I think this would be a much bigger deal if it was Arnold’s only return to the franchise since T2 but there’s still the problem of it possibly being too little too late. It’s Harrison Ford returning to Blade Runner and Ridley Scott making another Alien film. Ideas that would’ve been huge in the 1990s but now kids have no reason to give a shit.

      • Avenging force

        Love Robert Patrick but he looks rough these days no way he could recapture the animal stalking magic of T 1000

  • cescoss

    If you remember the good tv series with the time machines events they deleted terminator 3. Genesys was a big mistake with Seven timelines and poor casting but the idea of old terminator was good and it’s from cameron itself.

  • Jacob Phillips

    I was watching the original Terminator this afternoon, fucking class. Linda Hamilton was great in the first two, so I’d welcome her return, even at her age, if anyone can make it work it’s Jim Cameron. By the way, Bill Paxton has a cameo in the opening scenes of Terminator 2, but has anyone ever actually been able to spot him because I can’t.

    • ColonelBobi

      Paxton cameos at the start of T1 as one of the three punks who try to ridicule a naked Arnold but end up getting terminated. I don’t think he is in T2.

  • Jeff

    And John Connor finally needs to be played by that dude seen in flashbacks, not some new fucker who doesn’t look heroic.

    • Avenging force

      He’s dead

  • Stig Johansen

    Get Michael Biehn to play older JC:

  • Avenging force

    I know now why you cry👍🏻