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Avi Lerner Is Selling Up

It looks like Avi Lerner is indeed trying to sell Millennium.  Recently, a deal was cut to sell it off to some Chinese buyers.  But that has fallen through, although not without once again confirming that Lerner apparently wants shot on if.

Per Deadline:

According to Millennium co-founder and chairman Avi Lerner, the deal is dead. “They paid us $20 million and the deal is now dead. As far as we know, it’s dead. The deal was for a little over $200 million for 100% of the company. They gave us $20 million on the come and they were supposed to pay us and they gave us many reasons why they couldn’t. It was this, it was that. It’s very simple. It’s dead. There is no secret deal. I will find another buyer or continue as we are.”

The question is, would new owners influence some changes in suspect decisions?  Or maybe… they’d make things even worse?