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Cage Vs. Animals, Poor American Assassin Reviews?

Some potential good news and bad news here.

First, some negative reviews of American Assassin are emerging.  Empire Magazine is giving it a somewhat sour appraisal, saying: “By the time the jarringly CGI-heavy finale comes, any semblance of reality has been lost. As has its sense of fun”.  They’ve given it a 2/5.

Jeremy Jahns has also suggested that the movie is best watched while drunk, noting that the first 30 minutes are good but it becomes tone deaf and iffy as it goes further along.

Something to worry about?  If anyone has caught the movie, give me a bell (anyone in Scandanavia?).

But some other good news.  Nicolas Cage is continuing his prolific streak of manly B-movies.  Next (uh, after the other 50 are released), he appear in a man vs. beast movie!  He will will star in the independent action movie Primal as a big-game hunter. Production is scheduled to start on Oct. 23 in Puerto Rico.

Thanks to: Mt1974k/Austrian Oak