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Cage’s New Movie Sounds Trippy As Hell!

Nicolas Cage has a new movie in the pipeline!  But I don’t think that that will be a surprise to anyone. What also is probably not a surprise is that it’s going to be a Voltage Pictures deal.  This time, it’s going to be a paranormal movie.

But see if you can make sense of this:

Cage stars in Between Worlds as Joe, a man obsessed with the death of his wife and daughter. At a way station on a lonely highway, he meets Julie (Franka Potente), a spiritually gifted woman who enlists him in a desperate attempt to recover the lost soul of her comatose daughter, Billie (Penelope Mitchell). Billie suddenly awakens in Joe’s presence, but she’s not herself — her body has been taken over by another soul: Mary, Joe’s dead wife, who has returned to settle her unfinished business with the living. Lydia Hearst also stars.

I’m not sure if I can make sense of it, but I know that since Saint Nic is there to carry the whole thing, it might be worth watching!