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Die Hard Is Getting A Christmas Children’s Book

If you have children then you already have no choice.  You’re getting them this book, this Christmas.  Die Hard is getting a Christmas children’s book.

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic, written by comedian Doogie Horner, and illustrated by JJ Harrison, was inspired by the classic Christmas poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas.

But Santa isn’t bringing gifts and toys, instead he’s bringing machine guns and opening the doors to bank vaults.  Others will be able to relive the joy of flying around in helicopters shooting at people, just like Saigon.

Of course, I’d also recommend showing the movie to your children too.  I think many or even most of the people who read this site first witnessed Die Hard as children… and we turned out alright!

This book is available on October 17 for $17, although it is on Amazon for slightly less.