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It’s The Nice Guys’ Turn For Female Reboot

We’ve had a bunch of female reboots as of late.  Next up is Shane Black’s The Nice Guys.  It’s getting a TV edition.

Michael Diliberti will write and executive produce, with Joel Silver and his president of television Rodney Ferrell also executive producing. Ken Kao will also executive produce. Diliberti wrote the comedy film “30 Minutes or Less” for Sony/Columbia which starred Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride and is next set to direct his script “Miami, PI” for RatPac and Pulse Films.

Shane Black is not involved.

Oh, and this one is going to be a drama, not a comedy.  Why a drama and not a comedy?  Does the fact that only 8% of comedy headliners are female?  Possibly indicating that females just aren’t funny and that the show would bomb even harder as a rip off comedy?

Anyway, what are they going to call it?  The Nice Girls?  That’s not going to work because that’s sexist.