Someone Created A Rip-Off Version Of ManlyMovie – ManlyMovie

Someone Created A Rip-Off Version Of ManlyMovie

The other day I noticed something curious on the ‘net.  A website called ‘ManlyMovies’.  Located at

Does something seem familiar here?


On doing a bit of digging, the site belongs to ‘Niche One on One’.  They have the site listed under their portfolio.

I thought… why would someone create such a lousy rip off, so blatantly, and pay someone $500 to do it?  Well, looking at the other sites they have ‘build’ (sic) in their ‘portfolio’, I have a hard time believing these are actually real websites, ordered and purchased by anyone.

So for the record, emphatically, this site is owned solely by yours truly and is not associated with ‘Niche One on One’ in any way whatsoever.  One version is five years old and fueled largely by reader submissions etc, the other is, well…

  • Mucho Macho

    1)First of all I would like to say to those affected by recent hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and power outages to “Hang in there”.
    If you know someone in need or if you are able to donate some money or other items like clothes or canned foods ( pet foods are needed too) to help some folks out, there are plenty of charities out there to chose from.
    Just pick one that you believe in the’s the right and manly thing to do.

    2) Now back to being my usual asshole-self:

    • The Night Rider

      Welcome back my friend, hope your family and their properties are in good condition.

      Some biblical scenes in Miami.

      • Mucho Macho

        We all good my friend..thanks.
        For the most part everyone I’ve talk to is fine. Property wise a couple of people still don’t know but electricity seems to be the main issue for now. Lots of people left town & a lot of people stayed behind but they are fine.

        It truly was expected to be a lot worse but still it did some major damage. I’ve been through hurricanes Category 3 , 4 & borderline 5 in the States & the Caribbean before so this wasnt my first rodeo.

        When you like tropical weather as much as I do, this comes with the territory.

        Is going to be a busy week or two ahead but with God’s help I expect things to be back to normal soon.
        But I gotta be on the road to help some folks out.

        • The Night Rider

          Good luck!

          • Mucho Macho

            Thanx bro.
            It’s all good. Just gonna help out a couple of friends & relatives who need some assistance.
            But the are places one cant not go cause cops have the roads blocked.

            The hardest thing is when u have to take care of someone like an elderly person in those kind of conditions like without electricity which I have.

            One thing I notice is that some people are making this out to be a political thing. Now believe me I knew hurricanes before I knew who the fuck was Al Gore. This shit ain’t new & a lot of people are acting like it is like in the media and some dumb-ass celebrities.

            Tropical weather is very bipolar. One minute can be hot as fuck and the next cloudy and rainy. And like clockwork around this time, September mostly, these massive storms form. This shit ain’t nothing new. I went through hurricanes while Bill Clinton was President & Al Gore was Vice President and nobody was blaming them.
            And a little bit of information Florida does not have any mountains so these big storms just go right through without any mountains to derail the winds and as a result the storms cause more damage.

            I was talking to a friend of mine from Texas and he was telling me how people are pleased how Trump has handle rescue & relief efforts in Houston after Hurricane Andrew. But I’m sure CNN is saying otherwise.

          • Avenging force

            Why do you have to drag that moron trump into America vrs Mother Nature worry about you and yours I mean really your in the worst fucking storm in years you and yours are affected personally and you still have to make it about trump ,,,dude you were living a life before trump you’ll be paying bills after trump mabey stop worrying about the Donald being afended so much just saying.

          • Mucho Macho

            The reference was to a prior conversation that was not with you.
            By the way I know I’m paying bills before and after Trump because I am for that. I believe that there should be a limit to government and believe in the free market Commerce.

            And the response time from local and federal governments this time has been better than in years past and there’s nothing wrong with giving props to those that deserve it ..that is all. Relax you’ll get premature wrinkles.

          • TheOldMcClane

            Welcome back Macho!

          • Mucho Macho

            Thank you my compadre!😎👍

          • Avenging force

            Ohh I see big whipped his top off and started dragging fallen trees of the road did he ,give props to the firemen ,police ambulance people who have been working like fuck to help people in trouble not some billionaire that has fuck all to do with what happens in the affected areas he’ll be more worried about what size the crowd is when he comes to get his look at me in my welly boots meeting the peasants publicly photo.

          • Mucho Macho

            Look my politics are my politics & yours are yours.. We had two choices and I will take Trump every single time over Hillary. This woman just wrote a book over 500 pages long blaming everybody but herself for the election loss.

            If you Hate evil white people so much what the Clintons did to Haitians was just foul. A few years ago there was a massive earthquake that let a lot of Devastation in the already poor country. A lot of people donated money including yours truly and the motherfukers raised hundreds of millions and did not give the Haitians shit. There have been plenty of protests even in the United States by the Haitian community but the mainstream media don’t touch this subject because of course they’re bought and paid for.

            I have voted for democrats in the past but this last few years the party has gone way too much towards the left for my taste.
            I would never subscribe to a distribution of wealth system. Capitalism is not perfect and it will never be. There are many injustices in the system but Bernie Sanders plans will make things worse not better. That mother fucker wants to spread everybody’s wealth but his own…notice how he never talks about his rich wife’s money.

            I like to formulate my own opinions & I don’t let some shithead like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer dictate my fucking believes. That’s just me bro.

          • Harry

            Hillary Clinton way too left? Fiscally? She’s practically a Republican in that regard. If you believe she’s anything other than HW Bush in a dress, you truly are beyond help. Sanders wasn’t on the ticket, dum dum.

          • Mucho Macho

            Remember “Read my Lips”?
            Fiscally conservative..Bush?

            You don’t have to be on the presidential ticket to see an ideological direction. Sanders is a Democrat who has been reelected time and time again and has risen in power over the years. If you knew this Republicans and those who oppose them would’ve not been surprised by Trump’s election because Trump won not because of the Republican party but despite of it.

            & Btw.. Dum Dums are the ones who thought this was good.. what self-respecting man could vote for something like this?
            I bet you know😂

          • Harry

            Your dumb fuck site admin removed my earlier reply. So much for your incessant yelling of “free speech”.

            Oh, noes, you voted based on the song. How manly, cock splat. Thanks for revealing to everyone you’re the kind of stupid fucking cunt that votes for the American President like he’s voting for American Idol.

          • Mucho Macho

            Either you didnt post it by mistake or when its not a disqus account posts are sometimes interpreted as trash. I’m sure your insults were mild compared to some of the stuff that I’ve Been Told via social media or in person.
            So I don’t like Hillary.. you do..
            Thats it …Life Goes On

            So when you are done having your period..cheer up! Dont be so angry.
            All is good.
            Sing-A-Long Q-Tip
            Dont forget your Vagina hat
            Everybody C’mon!

          • Harry

            If people are insulting you that much on the web and in real life, at some point you gotta think, “Hey maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m a piece of shit that attracts insults like flies.” Keep on riding that hard admin dick to get stuff that hurts your feelings deleted. Waaaaaaah, Cry me river, cunt.

          • Harry

            “If you Hate evil white people so much…” Where did he say that or imply it? Where did he even mention race. Quote him. Yeah, you got naaaathing. BTW, all taxes are a redistribution of wealth. Man, you’re a stultifyingly dumb as fuck. Never change, way too amusing.

          • Mucho Macho

            You do know shitbag that when somebody says he or she believes in fiscal conservatism they believe
            in a political/ economic philosophy regarding fiscal policy and fiscal responsibility that advocates low taxes, reduced government spending & minimal debt.
            Lower taxes it’s pretty much one of the main things of fiscal conservatism. When one proclaims such a stance, the term pretty much describes one not liking taxes. Just because something exists or is a law does not mean one agrees with it or believes in it.
            Genius you should know that.

            Maybe my “Evil White People” quote genius was a reference or sarcastic reference to a previous conversation that we might have had…U think? Maybe?
            A possibility? Perhaps? I guess that’s too much for you to comprehend.

            I like how you’re acting all “cool” & you’re the one having epileptic seizures about somebody else having a different opinion than yours ..I’ve told you it was okay if you differ from me, life goes on and yet you can’t let it go cause you’re well ..a stalking whack job…
            That wears a vagina hat no less.

            Sorry if your Uncle Bernie is not going to get you free stuff for Christmas or Hanukkah.
            Maybe you’re going to have to work for your shit.

            But yet you still will hang on to my every word. Remember I know you⬇

          • Harry

            Ha ha there’s that anger. Go ahead, throw another Tiki Torch tantrum. Man, this turd got rolling fast on ‘muh lower taxes’. Boi, you don’t know shit about conservatism. lol. Never change, cunt.

          • Jacob Phillips

            It was the liberals dragged Trump into it, but I’m glad they did because otherwise we never would have got this video~~~

          • Mucho Macho

            I actually like Jennifer Lawrence in the beginning but when I saw her hanging out with the likes of Lena Porkham I thought well it’s just a matter of time till they screw her over and she feels the need to kiss ass in order to fit in with the Hollywood crowd cuz she’s from Kentucky.

          • AlTeo

            Mucho, good to hear that you and your family are ok. Been watching the news from here, the storms are looking crazy out there but hopefully everyone rides them out unharmed

          • Mucho Macho

            Thank you my friend..
            Friends & family okay.
            It was expected to be even worse. I was talking to a couple friends I got in Texas and they had it worse.
            Caribbean islands got hit hard too. This fucking thing was a monster when it started.
            Power back on in some places but not in others.
            But cant complain..I’m okay I’ve been through worse. You just hope that those are not get back on your feet quickly

  • Mucho Macho

    We McDonald’s..

    Them Mothafuckers are McDowell’s

    • The Night Rider

      LOL that McDowell’s clip is right on the money.

      • Mucho Macho

        It’s a classic

  • French Predator

    Must be some butthurt people we pwned ahahahah

    • csc-60293

      we pwned ?

      • BradyDeez

        I don’t think he even knows what pwned means.

        • csc-60293

          lol he is funny

        • Prench Fredator


        • Avenging force

          Agree it’s his only answer to everything plus like the way he says we pwned as if it’s his site,only people he pwned was the kids he followed around the shops until security shot 5000 voults in to him and returned him to the peado unit he escaped from.#clb

  • Jeff

    Fuck those assholes.

    • crocop97

      Fuck them all to death

  • TheOldMcClane

    probably some StalloneZone knob.

    • csc-60293

      whats StalloneZone ?

      • Avenging force

        Its Barneys old site he started it from prison when he was a younger peado,he used to wank over picture of lords of the flat bush Stallone his favourite Stallone film is fist for obvious reasons.

  • Avenging force

    That site is road house 2 to your road house, its spaghetti junction to your use your elusion 1,its frank Stallone to your Sylvester its the burger king chese burger to your big Mac

  • Stig Johansen

    That’s a rather cunt move.

  • Fat Gut

    How many versions of a panhandling site can there be? Damn.

  • Shawn Gordon

    If it’s less sexist and pro-Republican cocksucking, I will happily visit the site.