Someone Created A Rip-Off Version Of ManlyMovie – ManlyMovie

Someone Created A Rip-Off Version Of ManlyMovie

The other day I noticed something curious on the ‘net.  A website called ‘ManlyMovies’.  Located at

Does something seem familiar here?


On doing a bit of digging, the site belongs to ‘Niche One on One’.  They have the site listed under their portfolio.

I thought… why would someone create such a lousy rip off, so blatantly, and pay someone $500 to do it?  Well, looking at the other sites they have ‘build’ (sic) in their ‘portfolio’, I have a hard time believing these are actually real websites, ordered and purchased by anyone.

So for the record, emphatically, this site is owned solely by yours truly and is not associated with ‘Niche One on One’ in any way whatsoever.  One version is five years old and fueled largely by reader submissions etc, the other is, well…