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They Need To Make A Wild Hogs Sequel… With Mel Gibson

There’s no getting around it for me, Wild Hogs, a PG-13 Disney movie, was funny as fuck.  It shouldn’t have been, and its online ratings are still in the toilet to this day, but it is what it is.

The movie is about a bunch of middle age men who take a road trip on their pristine bikes, LARPing as manly bikers.  Until of course, they run into Ray Liotta.

At one point they were going to make a sequel titled Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride.  I presume in the sequel the men all got divorces.  That movie was canceled, off the back of John Travolta’s disastrous bomb Old Dogs (I must to confess to also witnessing that in an actual cinema and laughing at it in a ‘so bad it’s good way’), which apparently had people running out of exec rooms in terror.

Anyway, watching the trailer to Daddy’s Home 2 featuring Mel Gibson, I couldn’t help but think that Mel Gibson, getting kind of old now but still funny, would’ve been a great fit in that Wild Hogs sequel. Probably as the bad guy — I don’t think he’d fit in any other way.

As we seen in Blood Father, Mel Gibson makes a good movie biker.  It would be amazing to have him join that hypothetical sequel as Ray Liotta’s brother, or something.

So I’d like to make an appeal for them to make this movie.  Even as a VOD movie.