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[RE-UP] ManlyMovie Counts Down Rambo’s Top Five Kills

A new video has been (re)uploaded to the ManlyMovie YouTube Channel.

It appears to celebrate violence, retribution and lumps of neck lying on the floor.  It is John Rambo’s top five best kills throughout the series.  So far.  We’d like to take this opportunity to appeal to Sylvester Stallone… for Rambo V, nothing is broke.  So don’t try and fix things too much, more of the same please, for Rambo’s final movie.

Nothing of this Expendables-style experimentation, ya hear?

The Rambo series is one of the few where all four movies are good, various degrees of good, but all of them are manly as fuck regardless.  The Lethal Weapon series is another such example that can’t hold that claim, four good movies in there too.  Die Hard, we look at you, or possibly more accurately, Bruce Willis, for letting the side down with shitty cash ins.  Bruno, if you want to compete again, you gotta pull a Rambo IV.  Do it.

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