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Flashback: That Time Gene Hackman Had To Beat Someone Up

Way back when came the news that Gene Hackman is a stand up guy who feeds bums who beg on the street.  Hackman would give one bum sandwiches, car rides and even clothes.

But there’s a limit to Mr Hackman’s generosity. One of these bums became ungrateful when Hackman suggested that he find employment, probably to better his life.  “Hackman, 82, told the police Becker became angry when he refused to give him money, called him a name and moved in close in a threatening manner.”  Now, there are some rules in life that just can’t be violated.  One is that no straight man ever held a car steering wheel in the ten-to-two position, another is:  You don’t approach Gene Hackman in a ‘threatening manner’.

Becker also said he told Hackman, “Gene, you are just another Clint Eastwood, you are nothing but an empty chair”.

Then;  “Becker told officers that’s when Hackman went “ballistic” and began “pummeling” him.”  Hackman was 82 at the time of the ass beating.  Hackman had to show him what time it was.


  • Jake

    The craziest thing about this story is that someone used the phrase “You are just another Clint Eastwood” as an insult.

  • Serbius


  • ColonelBobi

    I was gutted when Gene retired. He shoulda asked the bum if her ever picked his feet in Poughkeepsie.