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Full Trailer: The Wheelman

Here’s an update on this one, check out the teaser above.

Netflix is readying a venture titled Wheelman. Frank Grillo has been sought to get his own starring vehicle after for this after roles in Captain America: Civil War, The Purge and the MMA series The Kingdom. He gets that chance in Wheelman, playing a getaway driver fighting for his life in a car full of cash after a bank robbery goes all wrong. At stake is his family as he tries to figure out who double-crossed him.

Producing is Joe Carnahan (Grillo starred in his film The Grey)…

I recall vaguely that Jason Statham may have been involved with this project at some point.  Also reminds me on a video game produced by Vin Diesel of the same title…

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    It’s good but I prefer wheels and the legman