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Seagal’s Big Movie Gets Poster

Steven Seagal has allegedly pulled out all of the stops to make sure Attrition isn’t just another DTV.  At one point he was so serious, he was going to make it his first directorial effort in 23 years.  Anyway, here is the poster for the movie.

When a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe and his old team unite in attempts to bring her back.

Mathieu Weschler directs.  I’ve heard that this movie, while not a blockbuster, is probably costing several times a typical Seagal DTV, at least.


  • Robin Løvli

    I look foward to see this. His last descent film i think was End of a Gun.

  • Jad

    Missing girl? Did they check his belly? Fat fuck.

    • Avenging force

      Shes trapt in one of his belly rolls, shes lost forever, love how in end of a gun trailer the hot chick is naked and fatso is lying On the bed fully dressed.

  • John Ashton

    Poor poster, dull. I doubt Seagal will put anymore effort into this than he has done in the last 6/7/8 years. Before this his DVD movies were half-decent, sure they’re crap, but recent stuff is barely watchable and he’s barely present!

  • Bruce Acosta


  • GWB 8219

    Given the size of him they should have called this movie Nutrition, A story of pasta and pastry. Him sitting at a desk is the most action he will be doing. Looks like getting up out of that chair will be difficult.