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Shane Black Rumored For Rock/Statham Spin Off

Here is some news that comes in via Saverio on Twitter. Turns out that Shane Black is being eyed to direct the new Fast & Furious spin off movie starring The Rock and Jason Statham. Let’s face it, that as always probably going to be better than the main movies, now, it’s getting closer to a done deal;

Still only ‘considering’, but it would be a big deal.  Tyrese Gibson is currently have a meltdown that The Rock is taking his ball to another park as far as this franchise is concerned.  Either way, the movie hits 2019.

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    lets see how the predator goes

  • David Barber

    Shane Black should develop his Cold Warriors/Shadow Company projects that he worked on in the late ’80s / early ’90s. I think he was planning to do a movie version of one of them with Walter Hill and John Carpenter attached. The Shadow Company sounded interesting. I’d love to see him do something original.