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St. John Wants R Rated Movie About The King

They never got around to making that Duke Nukem movie, did they?  Well, if people aren’t asking for it, it’s not going to happen!  Leading the charge is voice actor Jon St. John, who is now calling for a movie about The King.

And an R-Rated (what else?) one;

The last game released was a bomb. It wasn’t as good as the third game, but a big part of its failure was that games ‘journalists’ shat on the movie for being misogynistic and politically ‘backward’.  Even Fox News cemented its cucked status by denouncing the game as ‘awfully sexist’.

It was basically a riff on 1980’s actioners!  Actually, at the time I couldn’t believe how strongly Duke 4 was being attacked for political reasons, it really was an indicator of how things have changed between those two games, it caught me off guard.

But I don’t know if anyone could replace St. John’s voice. Maybe they should do a big CG movie, with St. John and pig cops? Anyway, we at ManlyMovie are fully behind St. John’s new initiative!

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