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That Time Pitt Threatened To Beat Up Weinstein

Day such-and-such into the Harvey Weinstein scandal and still no arrest.  Funny that.  Kind of funny in the same way that George Clooney and Matt Damon exposed themselves cretinous amoebas.  Well, at least one of these girlie men hotshot A-listers showed somewhat of a spine.

Turns out Brad Pitt confronted the super perv and threatened to beat the shit out of him, according to TheDailyCaller.

Weinstein sexually accosted Gwyneth Paltrow, who Pitt was dating at the time, which prompted Pitt to promise Weinstein with a ‘Missouri Whooping’ in front of a bunch of dinner guests in a rowdy showdown, pretty much a career kamikaze move as Pitt was still a fledgling actor at the time.

So, Pitt gets some points for handling man business.  He must have considered the act ahead of time a career ending move, but proceeded regardless.  Obviously, he came out the other side of it.