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UPDATED: The Punisher: Official Trailer #2

UPDATED: Let’s update this with the new trailer (original is below). I think I might actually watch this.

I think we’re going to let this one slip the ‘no overwrought leotard bullshit’ embargo, because, well, it’s The Punisher.  Check out the trailer above for Jon Bernthal’s full outing in the role.

Premise: Frank Castle, known throughout New York City as “the Punisher” after exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his family, uncovers a larger conspiracy beyond what was done to him and his family.

I’ll personally use the comments section from people who know better to see whether or not this is worth checking out, I have not been keeping up with it.  At a glance though, Bernthal seems to be a good fit and it could be a temporary elixir to soft-assed mainstream flying cape kitsch burnout.

  • Jake

    I’ve posted this clip before, but it’s still one of the best examples of Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle.

    Will his Punisher show be worth checking out? Yeah. It will be.

  • Jack Caine
  • French Predator

    Dolph Lundgren is still the best Punisher, but I’ll check that out, just in case.

    • Avenging force

      Love dolfs punisher the massacre in the end of the yakusa at the end just a pity they didn’t get to use the skull logo on his shirt.

      • French Predator

        I prefer to not see the big skull, it’s less comicbookish.

        • Frenchy Fool

          lol who cares you half-witted cretin.

          • French Predator

            Triggered, marvel fanboy hahahaahha!!!

        • Avenging force

          I know but it’s so iconic I can’t help but miss it

          • French Predator

            he had skulls on the knives.

  • Felton Raiman

    I prefer Punisher as an ultimate killing machine. The one thing I don’t like about John Bernthal’s Punisher is that he barely survives each encounter with some low level thugs. Too realistic approach if you ask me. Dolph’s Punisher would’ve eat him alive.

    • mt1974kc

      Exact opposite opinion Felton,
      I am tired of “heroes” who walk through their opponents unless the plot requires a genuine reason for them to do so.
      An example would be a suspense sequence where the hero takes opponents down stealthily and needs to get to a location undetected.
      The best action scenes for me are always two sided as beating an opponent easily just make it seem they are incompetent.
      Beyond this easy victories are not exciting/dramatic. Why make action less dramatic/less exciting when you have the choice?

      I mostly put it down to a star’s ego – Steven Seagal comes to mind eg regardless of how well trained his opponent is supposed to be he always destroys them easily. (one exception was fight at end of marked for death BUT that was sadly ruined by obvious stunt double)

      Let’s compare to sport fighting, eg boxing or UFC.

      What are the fights people like the most?
      They are never the one sided walk overs, they are the two-sided fights.

      • Avenging force

        Agree punisher is just a man no super serim,no green lantern no earths sun just highly trained solider with no quit in him .so he will take a beating every now and again which is part of his appeal,agree completely about segal remember being really shocked when his nose bleed in glimmer man ,not that the characters nose bleed but the ego trip segal aloud it to happen .

        • mt1974kc

          What made me laugh in that fight was when he was blocking his opponents repeating high kicks (same type of kick as well) just saying “boring” that was exactly what I was thinking of the fight.
          The best fight IMHO in that film didn’t even involve Seagal at all. It was his black partner vs a guy in his apartment due to actually being two sided.

  • Avenging force

    Great to hear metallicas one being used in a trailer.really like bernthal was great in wolf of Wall Street ,best thing in snitch and was amazing as the punisher in daredevil so this should be great.

  • Serbius
  • Barney Ross
  • Barney Ross
  • ColonelBobi

    So from browsing Bernthals imdb biog I see he is in season 2 of Daredevil throughout as Castle/The Punisher. Is that worth watching and do I need to bother watching season 1 beforehand? I’m not a superhero nor Daredevil fan. I just want to know if I can skip season 1 without messing up any story arcs or important character back-story. Cheers

    • Jack Caine

      The Punisher storyline begins in season 2. There are no references to it in season 1. So if you’re only interested in the Punisher material, you can skip the first season.

      But I’d recommend watching season 1 anyway as it’s really good and contains some amazing martial arts scenes. Plus you get to see Private Pyle decapitate someone with a car door.

      • ColonelBobi

        Haha Pvt Pyle! OK thanks man, that was just what I needed to know. I’ll think on it. 🙂

      • ColonelBobi

        So have been working my through season 1, up to ep. 11. Dam it started well but has been a struggle through the last few. I feel the season has lost pace and gotten bogged down with his dull relationship with his best buddy and the Nancy Drew type secretary sub-plot I just find irritating. I just want to make it to season 2!
        Fight scenes are good though. The battle with the ninja guy in red was very well done. Also veteran manly man Scott Glenn as a cameo/guest star was unexpected but amazing. He kicked ass! Hope he is a recurring character.

  • Anoyster

    Not much of comic book guy but I do like Punisher. He isn’t some superpowered leotard man, he is just a dude with some kevlar on who knows his way around guns. Cool trailer.

  • English Xenomorph

    Looks good

  • Avenging force

    Hold my breath as wait for death oh please god help me ….love that song is on my deadlift playlist great to glang weights to.

  • French Predator

    I smell the PC PUnisher…