UPDATED: The Punisher: Official Trailer #2 – ManlyMovie

UPDATED: The Punisher: Official Trailer #2

UPDATED: Let’s update this with the new trailer (original is below). I think I might actually watch this.

I think we’re going to let this one slip the ‘no overwrought leotard bullshit’ embargo, because, well, it’s The Punisher.  Check out the trailer above for Jon Bernthal’s full outing in the role.

Premise: Frank Castle, known throughout New York City as “the Punisher” after exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his family, uncovers a larger conspiracy beyond what was done to him and his family.

I’ll personally use the comments section from people who know better to see whether or not this is worth checking out, I have not been keeping up with it.  At a glance though, Bernthal seems to be a good fit and it could be a temporary elixir to soft-assed mainstream flying cape kitsch burnout.