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Underrated Manly Movies: Part VIII


Earlier in the year I was doing the usual ‘bored Netflix browse’ thing and came across the movie Sand Castle.  It’s a movie set during the Iraq invasion and the fledgling occupation.  I avoided this movie because of the IMDb rating and the usual other metrics that appear at the top of Google (Ebert’s site gave it 1.5/5).

Anyway I circled back to it and gave it a chance and would deem it ‘underrated’.  I’d say it’s worth one watch.

I mean it has some slow points, but decent battles, some of which catch you off-guard.  People are shitting on the movie for being too formulaic and even jingoistic.  But I often find people who dislike war movies for being ‘formulaic’ generally don’t like watching them to begin with.

I don’t get why they don’t make more Iraq invasion movies (probably political).  I mean it featured some heavy duty conventional combat, contrary to popular belief.  Henry Cavill looks alpha as fuck in this movie, pity he isn’t used more in it though…

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