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Uwe Boll Trashes Harvey Weinstein

Interested in hearing what director Uwe Boll has to say about the Harvey Weinstein scandal?  Of course you are, because who else tells it like it is like Boll?

See in the video below.

Boll, who has beaten up detractor metrosexuals in boxing matches, takes Harvey Weinstein down a peg or two. It’s not only sexual assault allegations being thrown around about that man. Boll informs us that he also committed actual physical assault on men he did not like (but only because he knew he’d get away with it).

However, Boll gives us an account on what would happen if Weinstein punched him, leaving a black eye. (Boll would’ve beaten the shit out of him).

Cool video.  Actually, I’m not going to embed that video because of the thumbnail (WTF!).  Click here to watch on YouTube.