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20 Years Ago: Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection is 20 years old this week.

In light of Ridley Scott taking the series off the deep end, and Paul W.S. Anderson and the Bros. Strause taking the series into separate toilets, Alien 4 is starting to age pretty well.  You’re probably remembering that it wasn’t exactly loved by fans at the time… but while it’s not Alien, Aliens or even Alien3, it really is an Alien movie.  Right down to the tradition of killing the narrative (but supporting actor) leader, Elgyn, early in the movie.

I disagree with the Wikipedia article though that Resurrection is a slight improvement over Alien3.  I don’t know why people piss on Alien3, even today.  Personally, I like both cuts.  I mean it’s not the sequel we’d wanted, but again, it’s for sure an Alien movie.

Also nice, one liners in Alien 4 Earth man, what a shithole.

  • Avengder max

    This was out a good year starts off great end shit not a parched On 3 which i think im the only person to really love.

  • Mucho Macho

    20 years ago I think we were still a little bit spoiled. We had not yet entered the “Politically Correct Femi-Nazi Twilight Zone”.
    What was a not-so-great movie back then, it’s a fucking great movie now!

    I grew to love the picture more over the course of the last 20 years. And you’re right, it does feel like an “Alien” picture , we had not yet seen or gotten those “Alien versus Predator” movies or “Alien: Covenant”. “Alien: Resurrection” is much better movie than any of those other movies.

    20 years..Damn! Time is flying wayyyy to fuckin’ fast. Before you know it, another 20-30 years will go by and I will be “Mucho Senior”😕

    Btw… I always liked the first teaser trailer for “Alien: Resurrection”

    • Avengder max

      You used to talk movies now you shoehorn your political fews in to every single post your the like a dude at a party that no mater how much fun or light the situation is always has to start his back in my day political ear bashing like Bart Simpson once said to the who what happened man you used to be cool.

      • Mucho Macho

        A few jokes at your precious Hillary and you developed different personalities Der ( and all difficult to understand by the way at times )

        You may not like what I always write but I think it’s kind of silly that you use different accounts just to insult me. What the fuck you think I’m going to do? Get on a plane and go across the world to bitch slap you? Believe me when I get on a plane for non-work-related trips I want to go to places I enjoy, relax , drink and fuck..not fight schmucks I don’t know. I thought boxing trainers were supposed to teach composure….but that’s just me.

        Like I written many times in the past, I state my opinions & if people agree cool, if not , it’s all about how you disagree. Night hates the Nolan Batman Trilogy which I love & he thinks I’m a Batman fan-tard which I am a little bit but I have a sense of humor about it & we cool.
        And my girlfriend for example is a Hillary voting snowflake and we love each other..for now that is 😂.

        I can only say this for myself, I don’t insult people right away because they disagree with me or I disagree with something that they wrote. And If I have in the past here is to maybe defend the site or somebody I like from someone that was just being an asshole IMO.

        For the most part I ignore people who leave negative comments on my account , maybe I do one reply and move on but I’m not perfect and I have engaged in the past but I don’t make it a habit to carry online feuds because they’re not meaningful to me.

        And last…If you dont like me..You dont have to read what I write, it’s that simple. I don’t waste my time reading shit from people I don’t like.

        And for the record I was, I am and I will always be cool😎
        Later dude

        • Avengder max

          No no no your doing it again you can joke about Hilary all you want I’m not American I couldn’t give a flying fuck about her like bill cause off all he did for the peace process ,but you have replied by completely changing the subject classic politician move to duck the question go on a long rant until people forget what the original point was ,I like you fine you have a great movie knowledge your funny sometimes but I’ve noticed lately it’s always poor us libtards are picking on us ,ooohhh pic boho if it’s that bad we’re you are fix it 20 years ago there was no internet that’s the only difference people read the paper they liked and gave their views to there mates in the pub ,now everyone thinks the whole world wants to hear their views I’m mean all I’m saying twenty years since alien a decent movie I watched in the cinema liked was a great year for movies remember fangora was all over this movie,but you started straight away with the political correct rant you say your still cool ok I’ll take your word for it but are you fonzy or chacci cool I’m thinking chacci since he was one of trumps a list supporters.

        • Avengder max

          I love the bat love batfleck think he’s the closet on screen to frank millarsdark knight pity everyone is shitting on justice league because now I don’t think we’ll get the batman not with affleck anyway which is a shame cause I loved directors cut of BVS and watched JL on opening day loved it perfect film no,flawed definitely fun team bonding fast paced action romp ohh hell yea .

        • Avengder max

          You never ignore stop lying you love a battle,and for the record don’t ever fly across the world to fight they’d be putting you in cargo with the stars and strips draped over your coffin for the flight home😀🤕🤝

          • The Night Rider

            Der is having a meltdown again. I think some reeducation might be in order. Alright Der, “let’s go get that drink”…

            We’re here to keep you out of trouble.

          • Avengder max

            Stop calling me der 1 wasn’t taking to you 2 friends call me der ,business calls me max and your neither shit head plus fact you jump in every time anyone argues with mucho makes me think either gay lovers or same person who is easy but hurt.

          • Avengder max

            Lisa stone ,mucho or Jeff always next comment after ,your me thinks I’m not only one with different names on here plus Lisa stone really ? Why not call your fake girl titty mcboobs ?

          • Mucho Macho

            This might come as schock to you but not everyone posts under different names. Some have in the past just like you just to insult me but it’s cool..I take it as a compliment.

            At the end of the day the point is that I write what I write and I’m cool with lot of guys here even though we might not agree on everything. And I was always nice to you, your the one that started acting like an asshole & started taking shots at me cuz you got triggered by some of my comments.

            At the end of the day, you are the one that started to insult me under different names, not me, I was always cool to you.
            I have no problems with you. You wanna talk movies & shit no problem but I’ll continue to write what I write. You want to keep using different names to insult me..that’s your time, that’s your problem

            And btw..Night created a cool niche site for us to get together and get away from the usual shit that dominates pop culture today. Either Enjoy it or go to Rachel Maddow’s site..LOL
            later dude

          • Avengder max

            Ok night who copy’s and pAstes 80 per cent of his news a day after screenrant posts it ,yea real cutting edge shit and mabey you should change your site to crying pussy the final bunker since every time someone disagrees with night he cry,s about it,also I don’t know who’s Rachel maddows is but I’ll google her and I don’t wanna get to personal cause that fat tool Jim though life was like an action movie and turned up at a charity boxing event in Dublin acting the tough guy and got his eye socket broke and nose broke so no more posts from tough guy Jim.

          • Mucho Macho

            Again bro really having a hard time understanding what you wrote.

            This is what I understood:
            *You think this is a shit site…
            ( but you’re always here )

            * Yes, some news stories appear on other sites as well..that’s not a shocker. They are not exclusives.

            *Yeah you allegedly kicked some Jim’s Ass
            ( who cares ..don’t know him,
            don’t know you)
            And if that’s true then you should have recorded that shit and post it here

            *And that’s it. Again you’re the one opening different accounts and insulting me…Me, I don’t give a fuck, that’s the point . You don’t seem to understand that. I said if you want to talk about something else fine..if not , fine too. It’s your dime, it’s your time
            Dont spend so much of your time trying to change me, it’s pointless and useless. I keep writing my shit and you seem to keep reading it and getting upset.

            So relax, don’t accuse others of being butthurt when you’re the one opening different accounts going crazy on people. It’s not a pediatric cancer site so don’t be so sensitive, we’re just having fun and if you still don’t like it then go somewhere else. Life’s too short, so go to another site that you might enjoy more and that’s it. Life doesn’t have to be that complicated.

  • TheOldMcClane

    This film looks like a masterpiece compared to the shit Hollywood craps out these days.

    • Avengder max

      Agreed cool as fuck underwater scenes to this day i model my swimming technique on the alien.😄

  • French Predator

    It’s a lame flick but it has some cool visuals and a couple of good moments (the flamethrower scene…Or each time u can see Hillard’s ass) But there are too much problems.Of course it’s superior to all the vomit, like covie, prometheus , avp…
    The hairy shoulders of the Commando’s vilain ruined the movie.Pearlman and Wincott were fun, tho.

  • Stig Johansen

    Two thirds of the movie is pretty good. Then that…kid shows up and ruins all of it. 6/10 overall. Better than both AVP movies, though. Better than Prometheus too, but not better than Covenant. Yes. I kind of liked Covenant. Shoot me.

  • EnglishXenomorph88

    I liked Resurrection personally miles better than anything that has followed it had great gore some cool stuff and a great cast including the ever excellent Michael Wincott and Ron Pearlman and Kim Flowers was smoking hot in the film. At least despite its flaws it felt like an Alien movie

  • anony

    I still find this way better than Alien 3. A solid 7,5/10. Not sure why it was hated at the time.

  • Jacob Phillips

    Everything after Aliens has been pretty dissapointing let’s face it. I remember getting in the cinema for this when I was 14 or 15 and fucking loathing it, I’ve never been able to watch it again since. When I got the quadrilogy box set on DVD a few years back alien 3 was barely touched and resurrection was never taken out of the box.

  • Andymovieman

    When I heard Ron Perlman was interested in appearing in the Expendables 4, I was like hell yes since sons of anarchy, Hellboy, blade 2, skin trade, star trek nemesis and alien resurrection says it all. But now Perlman is a political idiot lately like Alec Baldwin and Robert DeNiro. So now that’s a long shot and plus Stallone and Avi Lerner are arguing over the direction of the movie.