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20 Years Ago: Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection is 20 years old this week.

In light of Ridley Scott taking the series off the deep end, and Paul W.S. Anderson and the Bros. Strause taking the series into separate toilets, Alien 4 is starting to age pretty well.  You’re probably remembering that it wasn’t exactly loved by fans at the time… but while it’s not Alien, Aliens or even Alien3, it really is an Alien movie.  Right down to the tradition of killing the narrative (but supporting actor) leader, Elgyn, early in the movie.

I disagree with the Wikipedia article though that Resurrection is a slight improvement over Alien3.  I don’t know why people piss on Alien3, even today.  Personally, I like both cuts.  I mean it’s not the sequel we’d wanted, but again, it’s for sure an Alien movie.

Also nice, one liners in Alien 4 Earth man, what a shithole.