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30 Years Ago… Death Wish 4

30 years ago to the day, the manly movie Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, began playing at cinemas.  Any manly man with a date to burn had this one on his schedule.

The Cannon Group movie didn’t do too well at the box office, but who gives a shit, it’s another one of Charlie’s and shit gets blown up real good.

It’s another of J. Lee Thompson’s efforts, director of manly classics 10 To Midnight and The Evil That Men Do, also starring Bronson.

On the down side, it’s the only Death Wish entry in which no bare breasts appear on screen.  The Cannon Group wanted a more muscular-sounding score for the action scenes and decided to re-use much of the music from its past action efforts Missing in Action(1984) and Invasion U.S.A. (1985).

Death Wish 4 was also the best VHS rental entry in the series by rental sales.  And yes, any excuse to post this fucking clip!

  • Barney Ross

    One of the best movie!! Bronson was awesome!!

    • Mucho Macho

      Just a lil spray of that & your testosterone levels go up by a million percent.💪😎

  • avenging force

    Great movie the awesome shouty john p Ryan as villain also the leader of the pen tangle in the utterly brilliant avenging force,KERSY ILL KILL THE BITCH!!!

  • Jeff

    I miss Charlie.

    • Mucho Macho

      The world needs Charlie now more than ever

  • Mucho Macho

    “Any manly man with a date to burn had this one on his schedule.”
    True that playa!
    Also manly kids. Cause 80s kids saw this kinda shit in cinemas👍

  • Mucho Macho

    If Bronson showed up in your kitchen and made himself sandwich…
    Best not to interrupted the culinary proceedings.

  • Mucho Macho

    Also 30 years ago today on November 6 1987 “Less Than Zero” premiered.
    Now for you youngsters who only know Robert Downey Jr from “Iron Man”, I suggest you take a look at this movie and check out what an amazing performance he turned in.

    By the way, the soundtrack was cool too. I used to love “The Bangles”. Better than any girl power shit they got going on now that’s for fucking sure💿

  • Mucho Macho

    And the week before “Death Wish 4” was released, on October 30th 1987, this 80s sci-fi classic underrated gem was released.
    Fuck you 2017 ! you suck!
    1987 rules!!!

  • AlTeo

    Love this film…Bronson taking care of business only way he knows how… and a smooth jazz track over the credits too…J. Lee Thompson made a ton of manly films back in the day… he even made the classic The Guns of Navarone, which needs no introduction…

  • TheOldMcClane

    One of my favorites. Like DW 3, it has immortal replay value.

  • The Giggler

    These Charlie posts are great. I can’t recommend Death Wish films enough, especially 3 and 4 if you want some ultimate shoot-em-up chaos.