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Blade Runner & Dark Universe Struggle

The anti-leotard sector isn’t doing too well.  If you’re sick of the 10,000th CGI rubble comic book movie that is bereft of any story or entertainment, you might have first placed some hope in Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’.

I mean it may have been soft-assed shit, but at least it was an attempt to change things up a bit.  Heat Vision reports that producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, the pair who created and are in charge of this shared universe initiative, have departed their posts.  The box office bomb The Mummy probably hasn’t done much to help that.  The ‘Dark Universe’ may be DOA.

THR also reports that Alcon Entertainment and the investors who put their money into Blade Runner 2049 are set to lose as much as $80 million on the film. The project had a production budget of $155 million before marketing, which means it needed to earn $400 million worldwide to break even. At present, it stands at just over $240 million in box-office revenue.

Got good reviews, including with us, but ouch…