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Brigitte: I Was With Sly That Night

Last week, the Daily Mail was running a rumor that Sylvester Stallone sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

They posted a story that the 16-year-old met Stallone in 1986 during the filming of Over the Top and he invited the girl to his hotel room at the Vegas Hilton where he allegedly forced her to have oral sex with him as his bodyguard raped her.

However, ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen has now told TMZ, “During the summer of 1986 we were newlyweds. I was inseparable with Sylvester when ‘Over the Top’ was being shot in Las Vegas. The story claims that at approximately 8:30 in the evening during the shoot of the movie the person claims she was in our suite at the Hilton Hotel.”

Nielsen goes on to say, “This incident did not occur. Most of the day, I would watch him film, then we’d have dinner and go to our room. No other person was in the room with him, but me.”

Additionally, I’m sure I’ve heard of Stallone and Nielson not getting along, or at least did not have an amicable split.  I’ve seen Stallone joke about trouble with ex-wives on talk shows.  She’s probably just doing the right thing.

It’s clear to see the truth now I suppose.  What would you be doing if you were Stallone, that summer, with a this new wife?