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Cameron Talks Terminator 3 Reboot

I enjoy calling this Terminator 3, because that’s exactly what it’s going to be.  A sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.  With James Cameron being heavily involved.

Now, asked about coming home to the franchise he created, he (Cameron) talks about it being relevant:

“I just feel like the world we live in now is going to be very much defined by our co-evolution with our technology. While technology and innovation have this vast promise for our survival, it’s also an enormous threat, especially when it comes to strong [artificial intelligence] being coupled with weaponised robotics, and that’s all coming. It’s just a question of who gets there first, it’s gonna be the next big arms race, it’s gonna be like the next race to get the bomb.

And when you couple that with the kind of wired world that we live in, where we’ve basically given away our privacy and every single person walking around that’s got a smartphone is essentially a belled cat — a walking sensor platform that can be monitored from afar — it’s like we’re really on the cusp of an Orwellian Armageddon of inconceivable proportions. Therefore, I thought, hey, let’s make a movie about that. So it’s going to be a very cheerful and upbeat kind of film.”

They’re also planning a trilogy.  “It’s the first of three, the story is mapped out over a three-film arc, but again, if we don’t make any money there isn’t gonna be a two and a three.”

Terminator 3A is targeting a 2019 release.