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Daddy’s Home 2 Alphas Up The Box Office!

Despite being viciously attacked by deranged lunatics and having a terrible Rotten Tomatoes score – 17%, not least due to politically trigger’d hatersDaddy’s Home 2 has overcome the odds and put some alpha into the box office!

On its opening weekend it has so far taken $30 million, and that’s just in one country.  It’s not even out yet in most places.  It was also up against another Thor movie.

Now, here’s where it gets even better, fellas.  Aside from the reviews we talked about yesterday, others were anticipating the movie to tank, because of Gibson.  There was that Vulture story that in hindsight incorrectly suggested his casting may actually tank the movie entirely.

Or how about that  GQ piece criticising his ‘unearned redemption tour’.  On International Men’s Day, the butthurt is strong.

Here’s that trailer again.  A classic in the making, gents.  And be sure to note GIBSON’S LAUGH!