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Is This The Worst Vote Rigging Yet On The IMDb?

I’ve done a couple of entries on here over the years about vote rigging on the IMDb.  When patently atrocious ‘movies’ wind up with suspiciously high ratings, some of them before the movie is even out.  This week, I think I’ve found the worst yet.

This one is going to be hard to beat.

Ever heard of contemporary classic war movie, The Mountain II?  No?  You must be behind the times and not one of the 90,000 who have so far watched it, with over 85,000 of those being blown away!  It seems that the Turks are big fans and users of the IMDb!

And the raging reviews and streaks of 10/10 user reviews came just in the nick of time to coincide with Turkish ‘adventures’ inside other countries’ borders!  Fancy that!

So uh… I suppose we all better get our hands on what is assuredly the greatest war movie ever made, ASAP.

  • Mucho Macho

    Was there even a ” The Mountain I”

    • The Night Rider

      lol it was mightily popular too. But curiously these movies are not considered by the IMDb for the Top 250… no regular voters.

      • Mucho Macho

        Ahhh good
        I learned something new today.
        Did not know about these movies.

        How about we take a look back at a film I do know.. the Clint Eastwood Mountain movie “The Eiger Sanction”😀

        • The Night Rider

          I watched that earlier this year and enjoyed the fuck out of it.

          • Mucho Macho

            It’s a pretty cool movie. If you ever get the chance to watch this movie do it’s a little-known flick from ’91. It’s not the world’s greatest movie but it’s good enough

          • Jacob Phillips

            With Michael beihn, right?

          • Mucho Macho

            Yes. The film kind of came and went in the 90s and due to the passage of time it kind of has been forgotten about or not a lot of people know about it. Maybe I should revisit it and write about it.. I haven’t seen it in a while.

          • Jacob Phillips

            I remember Beihn being interviewed about the film on a popular UK chat show. At the time he still looked like Kyle Reece or Dwain Hicks, being just a kid at the time I just wanted the guy to ask him about aliens or terminator but of course they didn’t lol.

          • Mucho Macho

            Age can be a bitch to some..not us of course💪😀

            Dont feel bad about wantin to know about Aliens & Terminator, I mean, those are 2 manly all-time classics. Besides you are talkin to a guy that still thinks Corey Feldman is cool cause of “The Goonies” & “Licence to Drive”😂

  • French Predator


    reminds me when the Nolanites tried to put TDK before the Godfather
    in the imdb top 250, with mass voting and sock accounts…

    • Batman_Vinni99
    • BradyDeez

      Still butthurt over how awesome TDK was? I agree that it doesn’t belong in the top 10 but damn it’s a great movie. Best CBM.

      • French Predator

        TDK is a piece of shit.

        • BradyDeez
        • BradyDeez

          How so?? It made money and is PG-13? Is that why it’s a piece of shit?? Lol

          • French Predator

            u need an explanation ? u must be a nolanite kid.

          • BradyDeez

            Lol…answering the question with an insult. Classy and mature.

            Yes, genius. I’d LOVE to hear your explanation on why TDK is a piece of shit.

            I’ll wait😂😭

          • French Predator

            it’s a piece of shit deal with it kid.

          • BradyDeez

            Damn. All great points. Well done 😂😭

          • French Predator

            do i need points to make you understand that fecal matter has a shit taste ? Nope.No need for that.Now i’m gonna watch Batman89 the movie that destroys TDK ahahahah.

          • BradyDeez

            “do i need points to make you understand that fecal matter has a shit taste ?”

            Is this the argument you use every time you’re wrong?😂 Pathetic. Real showcase of your intelligence here, man. Thanks.

            I mean everyone knows you’re a huge 80s action man fanboy/fangirl but I thought maybe you’d be able to provide a few solid points. Now it’s clear you haven’t seen the movie or you just dickride the 80s so much you can’t admit TDK is the best.

          • French Predator

            You’re the one claiming TDK is the shit, then we’re waiting for your points.And “everyone” ? Im” famous or something ? ahhaha !!

          • BradyDeez

            Since you’re a girly man and won’t go first, allow me😂😭

            1.) Jack’s Joker pales in comparison next to Heath’s…both have great performances but Heath completely inhabited the role. He was scary good. Had no qualms with killing henchmen, intimidating and taking out mob bosses. He goes from petty robber to local crime boss pretty seamlessly.

            2.) Bale’s Batman…While Keaton was a good Batman, Bale is much more humanized. He’s struggling to come to terms with a criminal who doesn’t want money and really has no way to reason with. There’s a reason why the interrogation sequence is one of the best scenes in comic book movies. It’s very reminiscent of Heat’s cup of coffee scene between Deniro and Pacino.

            3.) Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart make great use of their supporting roles. Eckhart being the white knight Gotham deserves, and Oldman playing the commissioner who is an idealist but must work with a corrupt police force because those are all the resources he has.

            4.) From a technical standpoint, TDK is almost flawless. Shot with real IMAX sequences, Nolan immerses you in the action. There’s a reason the movie was nominated for best cinematography…it’s beautifully shot.

            5.) The pacing of the movie is relentless. Once the action starts, it hardly stops. The Joker makes his demands and Batman and the police are playing catch up with a villain who’s always two steps ahead.

            6.) The Dark Knight also pushes the limits of what can be shown in a PG-13 movie. Heath’s Joker burns a man alive on a huge pile of cash, kills cops, judges, and civilillans at will. They got away with a lot in this movie.

            So now it’s your turn, French Sexual Predator. Why is TDK “shit” as you describe it?

          • French Predator

            1)Jack Napier as Joker kills henchmen and mob bosses too, TDK’s Joker looks like the son of the female gremlin and eric draven, also he couldn’t scare my 5 years old cousin.He was just basically licking his cheeks for 3 hours.And boy the nurse outfit ahhahahaah, unforgivable.Nicholson is the best joker,Nicholson captured the true essence of the Joker, he is a psychopathic
            man-child out not to prove a good damn thing, but to kill and mess
            around with people all for the laughs. Ledger tried but failed.Only a milenial could be amazed by his joker.A pointless anarchist.

            2)Bale Bruce acted like a spoiled brat in the restaurant,also I couldn’t stop laughing at his stupid voice, Keaton pwns him, Keaton has the crazy eyes, Keaton doesn’t need to talk throught a meatgrinder to be efficient, Keaton fucking nailed it.

            3)Dent and Gordon were very small characters in Batman89, the movie
            focused on greater characters , wich is a good choice given the runtime shorter than TDK.Two face was the only thing I liked in TDK.But there was no room for this character in 89.

            There were plans to develop Dent in the cancelled third burton batman movie by the way.

            4)Batman89 visual style and designs totally pwn the shitty “real world” approach of Nolan, nothing can beat the pratical fx.Also the batmobiles stomps the shitty Nolan batmobile.The photography is top notch also.
            There is a reason why Batman89 got an award for Best production design.
            Shoting is one thing but it’s pointless to shot crappy sets like the ones in TDK.Not to forget Elfman’s OST , so good that they used his theme recently ahahah, The OST of TDK consists of the same cue for 150 min.

            5)There is not one boring scene in Batman 89.TKD is filled with stupid plot lines,
            huge plot-holes, Nothing happens out of logic in this movie.

            6)TDK is soft , I laugh at all the cheerleaders saying TDK is “sooooo daaaark” ahahah .Cut away at every corner, not one drop of blood, even the pencil scene hadn’t a drop of blood.Impossible to see a guy killed onscreen.

            Batman89 is PG-13 too but the movies had more balls back then.
            Many people are shot dead during the film with wound visible.A lot of people died also with the gas.
            Also talking about the pencil the Joker kills with it and you can actually see the pen in the throat.And fuck, Batman kills ! The body count of 89 is astronomical comapred to the one in TDK.

            I sincerly hope that you’re a milenial.

  • Barney Ross

    Remember to always vote 1 or 2/10 for pg13 shit………. and 10 for good R rated movies

    • BradyDeez

      Dunkirk was a 10/10. Only dullards take the IMDB rating system to heart.

    • BradyDeez

      Also – why not rate a movie based on its merit? It’s clowns like you who fuck up the rating system 😂

  • Walter S.A. Iego

    Gotto see that, or perhaps not (?)

  • TheOldMcClane

    IMDB is a sad case these days.

    • French Predator

      these fags deleted the characters database lat week…

      • TheOldMcClane

        bunch of cheap bastards.

  • Republicant

    This movie actually looks good. Id give it a watch