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Left Wing Critics Destroy Daddy’s Home 2

You probably might have seen this one coming, but even before the movie is halfway out the gate, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that ‘critics’ with a giant political axe to grind would have gone this far.  A look at its rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and Daddy’s Home 2 has been destroyed.

It has gotten a bunch of negative reviews.  Many of them are coming in from ‘critics’, who, if they combined their traffic and readership would not come close to matching ours – yet they get to have a disproportionate influence on movies.

But not to digress further… Daddy’s Home 2 was always going to be a target of these people, because it’s a movie that firstly features Mel Gibson.  Second, it’s a movie that derides girlie men and effete fatherhood.


First, we have one from Susan Granger.

… it may have seemed like a good idea to make bad-boy Mel Gibson a crass, cynical, sexist, former astronaut but, since Hollywood’s now beseiged by sexual harassment and assault scandals, he comes across as simply repugnant.

So, presumably, they shouldn’t have released the movie, even though it was filmed before Hollywood became beseiged (sic) with sexual harassment claims.  But wait.  Susan ain’t done.  Hey guys, what about those anti-semitic rants!

Back in 2006, Gibson made headlines with an anti-Semitic rant during a second DUI arrest and, in 2011, pleaded no contest to battery against a girlfriend. So it’s not amusing when Kurt regales his grandchildren: “Hey, kids, I’ve got one for you…Two dead hookers wash up on the shore…”

So I suppose the Current YearTM is not applicable here?


Moving on, (little) known social justice warrior David Jenkins, who literally gushes over Soviet propaganda movies, takes umbrage with right-wing characters, gun ownership etc.

Mel Gibson is stunt cast as Dusty’s old man, a volcanic douchenozzle a glinting, right wing relic from the 1950s who gets his kicks from goosing blondes, being sickened by anything that might be construed as “gay”, and consistently promoting the necessity of American gun ownership.

Apparently if you’re right-wing these days, you’re a ‘relic’, despite the fact that the majority of the world’s population would be described as ‘right wing’.  Again, a handful of people from a handful of countries believe their own viewpoints to be superior and more enlightened than all of humanity’s.


Moving on, Sarah Michelle Fetters at MovieFreak has a problem with girlie men who exhibit too much estrogen-driven behavior in movies being the butt of jokes.  In such a movie, she says, that type of thing makes the viewing experience a ‘slog’.

Why do we have yet another comedy where the idea of males being affectionate or showing emotion is supposed to be funny? Why are we playing up so many unctuous gender stereotypes that proclaim anything even slightly feminine is to be looked down upon or ridiculed? Why is it supposed to be cute that forty-something man-children can behave like such bratty imbeciles?

Preach it, Comrade Fetters!  To be honest, these reviews are starting to get funny.

Some critics didn’t like it!


Meanwhile over at the Chicago Sun Times, they’ve also given it a negative review.  But apparently not on its lack of entertainment merit, but rather because the people in the movie didn’t agree with the reviewer’s far-left ideals;

With the possible exception of one female character who is relegated to the deep background as the middle-aged and sixtysomething Boys-to-Men hog the spotlight with their increasingly feeble and childish antics

So let’s get this right… in a movie about a bunch of Daddies, men then, the reviewer is pissed that females aren’t front and center.  Was he also pissed that ‘Bad Moms’ featured more females than males?  Who wants to be bet no?


Next, Cinemalogue wants you to keep an eye out for the ‘hate and misogyny’, noting that there is…

…plenty of hate to go around. The result overdoses on testosterone-fueled misogyny with a barrage of slapstick gags that feels strained and predictable.

The ‘review’ is one paragraph long, shorter in fact that a typical synopsis for many movies.


For this next review, Danielle Solzman of ‘Cultured Vultures’ (first I’ve heard of it, too) warns you that the movie is no good, because Mel Gibson is in it.

To say that Mel Gibson single-handedly ruins Daddy’s Home 2 would be an understatement

Oh and, Mr. Gibson said some things 11 years ago.  Therefore you’d better not watch this movie.

 It’s as if the filmmakers decided to cast Gibson, who was arrested following a drunken anti-Semitic tirade in 2006, only to make him as uncomfortable as possible. Gibson has no business being in this film, let alone still being allowed to work in the industry. What he did was unforgivable.


And over at The Aisle Seat, the reviewer also shits on the movie, because, well, he doesn’t like one of the actors.

Maybe you can separate his work onscreen from his personal baggage, but I no longer can. At least not in a family-oriented movie. This is a frivolous holiday comedy, yet right in the middle of it is a man who has made vile racist and anti-Semitic remarks

In the review, he says it himself, that Gibson’s appearance is bad enough to not recommend the movie, by himself.


In another review, ConsequenceOfSound opened their review with the following

What’s Mel Gibson doing in movies again? After deciding collectively as a culture to disavow a guy who’s said that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” and who threatened his ex-wife with racially insensitive threats of sexual assault,

You can probably draw your own conclusion on what was going on there, since it was another negative review.  With that opening sentence, another axe-grinder.


In yet another negative review, CheapSkateFamily apparently cannot separate their own extremist views from light hearted entertainment.

The lazy writing, prevalent sexism, and disappointing stereotypes about masculinity from the first ‘Daddy’s Home’ film return for this sequel, which taps the same well for even unfunnier returns.

Actually, this might be the most hilarious review of them all.  It laments the…

…sexually themed situations and humor, including the mention of sideboob and discussions about womanizing and marital infidelity; demeaning comments and jokes about divorced families, stepparents, and homosexuality

And also goes on to whine about commentary on gun control, the use of the word ‘snowflake’ and the appearance of masculinity as a ‘trope’.  In fact, it’s less a movie review and more of a student political screed.


Elsewhere, PasteMagazine informs you that there is fun to be had in Daddy’s Home 2, however you should not watch it because, you guessed it…

…all joy and light can hardly compensate for the black hole that is Mel Gibson, making his first big return to a studio picture by playing a womanizing, conservative, misogynistic, homophobic dinosaur who looks like a fallow corn husk due to decades of alcoholism and encourages his prepubescent grandson to sexually assault girls on whom he has crushes.

Mel Gibson is in it!  Therefore you must boycott and reflect on whether or not you have ‘progressed’ towards agreeing with the reviewer’s political beliefs.  Odd.


This next review, again, seems to take umbrage with Mel Gibson and masculinity.  They say that the movie offers…

…iffy messages about sex and gender roles: Mel Gibson’s character is presented as a “stud” who effortlessly attracts women half or even a third of his age; they seem happy to have no-strings-attached sex with him. Viewers also hear about him bedding two women at once

The writer, who professes to extol ‘common sense’, decries a male-orientated movie for focusing on males;

 female characters are given short shrift compared to male ones. Violence is played for laughs but is surprisingly strong: A chainsaw almost decapitates a man, snow tubers cartwheel down a mountain, and a young girl accidentally shoots her grandpa in the shoulder before killing two wild turkeys

Sounds fun!

So there you have it.  Politically-slanted reviews.  And actually, there are a ton more.  More than I realized, in fact once I started writing this article I didn’t realize there’d be so many.  And it’s just the same old shit.  But on the upside, these reviews have totally sold this movie to me!  And I know they probably will for people who read this site.

Maybe the most laughable though, a comment from CNN in their (negative) review of the movie… ‘Gibson isn’t exactly known for his comedy chops‘…

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      Hahaha, right in front of them ditches.

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  • Mucho Macho
    • Jack

      And prosecutors gonna prosecute. Thanks for coming to the roaring defense of a CONVICTED woman-beater who plead guilty. Scum protects scum I guess.

  • Mucho Macho

    These drooling mongoloid critics would have given the movie a good review if…
    1) If Mel Gibson was not in it
    2) Was about female empowerment &/or transgenderism
    3) Absolutely no strong alpha male characters in the story
    4) Was about how Hillary Clinton got screwed by deplorables and Russian hackers who influenced easily influenced register voting minds.
    5) Obama of Nazareth was the son of God not Jesus
    6) Michael Moore had directed this movie
    7) If it was a movie made by Marvel Studios that revealed as a “clever” plot twist that an iconic popular main antagonist character was a stupid goofy actor all along
    8) Lena Dunham had written the script
    9) Feature 60 minutes straight of non-stop Stephen Colbert insulting Trump and an audience acting like it’s a comedy routine.
    10) Had more P.C. approved titles such as:

    *”Mommy’s Home”
    *”Both our Mommy’s are Home”
    *Both our Daddies are Home”
    *”Evil White Daddy left Home”
    *”Home is where the Gays are”
    *”No Walls or Borders around this Home”
    *”Hillary is Home.. as in the White House”
    *”Mel Gibson is Nowhere Near our Home”
    *”Daddy now dresses like Mommy in our Home”

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      Well said!!! Your absolutely spot on and frankly this is just more proof that these so called critics are pointless useless and worthless

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      The Russians threatened the casting director and told them to include Gibson.

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    I cant wait for DEATH WISH. The reviews are going to be better than the movie itself¬

  • Max Borg

    “Many of them are coming in from ‘critics’, who, if they combined their traffic and readership would not come close to matching ours – yet they get to have a disproportionate influence on movies.”

    You might want to give this a look:

    This bit alone explains why you’d never be accepted by RT:

    “Publications must also show a consistent standard of professionalism, writing quality, and editorial integrity across all reviews and articles.”

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      Marx is trigger’d again.

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        Nope, just stating facts, unlike you. Maybe if you stopped libelling people you’d have a shot at respectability. Other contributors to this site do acknowledge any mistakes they might make and correct them, why won’t you?

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    I was gong to wait for the blu ray. Fuck it, I am off to the theatre for this one now. Wearing my Hillary for prison or my I Don’t Kneel T shirt and NRA ball cap. With a flask in my jacket to top up my $6 coke! Fuck yeah.

  • Stig Johansen

    Right after Gibsons antics in 2006, his movies were still shown in cinemas in Israel. And for the next few years when Hollywood were utterly offended by his anti-semetic rants, Israel still showed his movies in their cinemas. The real jews didn’t give a damn.

    • Mucho Macho

      “Jews are responsible for all wars”
      As far as racial or ethnic insults go it’s pretty mild and I’ll say that on a scale from 1 to 10 I’ll say it’s a one and yet it’s what caused this whole thing.

      • Stig Johansen

        I doubt he is even anti-semetic. The guy is an alcoholic and a mean drunk.

        • Mucho Macho

          I personally got a kick out of so many people in Hollywood acting like they did not know what alcoholism was. L.A. feels like a place that seems to have a rehab center in every corner & yet so many people were acting like Mel Gibson was the first drunk they had ever come across.

          • Stig Johansen

            The guys is an alcoholic who is also bipolar. Mix the two together and you get dynamite. What happens when someone like that goes off the rails isn’t pretty. Two illnesses making each other worse.

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    Butthurt much ?

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    I knew this article would trigger the usual libtards, Bravo!

  • Barney Ross

    Lethal Weapon 2 is one of the funniest movie ever made, these critics are SHIT!!! The remake is one of the worst garbage ever!!!!!!!

  • Avengder max

    Watched it wasn’t as good as original john cena is good in it but got the impression Mel was just acting himself and wasn’t in on the joke just ohh look how horrible Mel is hahaha wink wink ,hopefully dragged across the concrete will be better.