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Looks Like Lethal Weapon 5 Is Getting Closer

Mel Gibson has been doing the rounds again, promoting Daddy’s Home 2 (it honestly looks funny).  With recent rumors swirling, the interviewer in the video below (thanks, Mel Gibson Site) did the expected and asked about Lethal Weapon 5.

Gibson says, again, ‘maybe’.  But this time he adds that he has just met with Danny Glover and Richard Donner.  I think a ‘maybe’ from Gibson on this could be a ‘probably’ for some other actor.  Gibson downplays these types of things.

But if Donner is on board, then the duo are likely to be on board too. Anyone else after that is just a bonus.  These men are old, but there are others who are just as old and older doing this type of thing.  Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood.

To recap, the last known tentative ‘premise’ for a Lethal Weapon 5, according to Donner, was Riggs and Murtaugh retiring and and hitting the road in an RV.  When Riggs leaves the safety brake off, it rolls downhill into something in a small town/village, inadvertently triggering an explosive action movie again some baddies.

Of course, we can’t forget Joe Pesci and Co.