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Mel Secretly Helped Disabled Girl, Comments On Pervs

Mel Gibson has been out promoting Daddy’s Home 2.  When Newstalk asked fans at the Irish premiere who their favorite actor from the cast was and while they liked him, one family chimed in and revealed that Gibson secretly helps those in need.

We’ve come all the way from Liverpool, we love Mel Gibson.  I have a daughter with a disability and he helped.  He gets bad press.  Do you know what, he helped her.  Years ago when she was little.  He kept it quiet!  He’s a human being, he’s a human being, he’s made mistakes.

The anchor there also asked Gibson directly what he thought about the recent pervert scandals coming out of seedy Hollywood, and if he was happy to get out of Hollywood for promotion at this time.  Gibson said;

Listen, it’s really good to make a movie like this about family.  It’s happy, it’s upbeat.  I think a lot of light is being shined into a lot of dark places right now.  And rightfully so.  And it’s tragic in a sense because a lot of the poor victims have to relive it.  But they’ll get free by re-examining it.

I bet they’re still willing to give Gibson an even harder time than the perverts!