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Might Northcutt Be Drago’s Son?

We posted here a while back that it’s probably going to be Drago’s son fighting Creed, not Drago himself, since their scouting for fighters in Finland.

Now professional Sage Northcutt is hopeful, as he explained to that he put himself on film in the hopes of scoring the part:

“The new Creed 2 movie is coming out so I was actually going to audition for that. Got a little audition tape, so hopefully that goes through. That would be pretty neat. Being Ivan Drago’s son in the movie? That would be pretty fun. Sylvester Stallone seems like a really cool guy, and Dolph Lundgren seems awesome. I think me and Mr. Dolph Lundgren look kind of alike.”

So it looks like we’re going to have Russia Vs. America again.

  • Avenging force

    Stallone loves using real athletes in his movies so could be true but son of drago stupid idea,should be a broken drago finding redemption threw helping rocky and creed,

    • csc-60293

      He is an idiot for doing that. He should pick real actors

      • Avenging force

        I think the whole son of drago is the laziest kind of writing so I don’t care who acts the brat I just wanna see drago and rocky meet again .

      • bastardjackyll

        Mr. T wasn’t a “real actor” and Clubber Lang is the 2nd best villain in the series (3rd if you count Apollo).

  • Anoyster

    I’d rather have someone with real acting chops than that cheesy kid. Maybe a Michael Pitt even though he is too old but cake on the make-up and hit the gym.

    • Avenging force

      To old for creed kids in his twenties in his prime need someone of similar age but I agree he’s a great actor and he should hire an actor but it’s Stallone he won’t look at expendable 3 he loves real sports stars.

  • TheOldMcClane

    this movie seems like it’s about 30 years out of date.