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Phil Tippett Has Done An AMA

Phil Tippett has done an AMA (ask me anything) over at Reddit.  You can read the thread here.  As of now, it’s ongoing.  So if you’re quick, you might get to ask him a question.

Tippett is obviously the man behind many classic effects in movies and is generally regarded as one of the best stop motion animators ever, right around the time pre-CGI time, right around the time the art form was at its apex.

I hate to flog a dead horse but I think that era sorely missed.  Stop motion kind of forced movie makers to keep things grounded, but now the saturation of CGI simply leads to distended abuse.  All too often a completely unrealistic, unrestrained mess.

One of the Redditors in that thread make a good observation that the end credits to the new Thor movie is just a long, giant string of CGI workers.