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Real Batman Theme To Show Up In Justice League

If you’re like me you probably don’t follow comic book movies much, I swear I didn’t know Justice League was even coming out this year.  There’s actually going to be something cool about it though — Danny Elfman has said the Batman theme will be in the movie in some way.

Elfman says, “you’ll hear Batman’s theme”. The interview responds, “Hans Zimmer’s theme?”. Elfman seems almost offended. “… no…? You’ll hear Batman’s theme. Batman has only had one theme”.  Fucking A!

There is only one Batman theme.  Just like there is only one Batman.  No such thing as Batman music before, no such thing as Batman music after (the Animated series gets a pass).  Unsurprisingly, this has pseudo-intellectual Nolanite neckbeards in uproar.  Douchey is how one describes Elfman’s words.  Another laments that Elfman is arrogant and stupid, since Zimmer’s (two note) score is supposedly superior.

Oh and there’s only one Catwoman.  Ask the Penguin…

Also, one of the many things I love about Batman Returns, an underappreciated element… the Penguin’s ride.  The duck vehicle is fucking amazing.  I mean, listen to the engine on this tuned beast in the video below.  That sucker really moves, low 0-60, astounding torque!  It’s like something from Miller’s Mad Max universe.