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Real Batman Theme To Show Up In Justice League

If you’re like me you probably don’t follow comic book movies much, I swear I didn’t know Justice League was even coming out this year.  There’s actually going to be something cool about it though — Danny Elfman has said the Batman theme will be in the movie in some way.

Elfman says, “you’ll hear Batman’s theme”. The interview responds, “Hans Zimmer’s theme?”. Elfman seems almost offended. “… no…? You’ll hear Batman’s theme. Batman has only had one theme”.  Fucking A!

There is only one Batman theme.  Just like there is only one Batman.  No such thing as Batman music before, no such thing as Batman music after (the Animated series gets a pass).  Unsurprisingly, this has pseudo-intellectual Nolanite neckbeards in uproar.  Douchey is how one describes Elfman’s words.  Another laments that Elfman is arrogant and stupid, since Zimmer’s (two note) score is supposedly superior.

Oh and there’s only one Catwoman.  Ask the Penguin…

Also, one of the many things I love about Batman Returns, an underappreciated element… the Penguin’s ride.  The duck vehicle is fucking amazing.  I mean, listen to the engine on this tuned beast in the video below.  That sucker really moves, low 0-60, astounding torque!  It’s like something from Miller’s Mad Max universe.

  • Jake

    There’s also a rumor that John Williams’ Superman theme could show up as well. I’m surprised the studio hasn’t dusted them off sooner (other than a brief appearance for the Superman Returns opening credits) given how iconic and beloved both are.

    While it’s true that no Batman music has existed since the animated series, we gotta give some props to Neil Hefti’s classic Batman theme that existed before.

    But I do agree that there’s only been one true Catwoman:

    • Avenging force

      It was all over superman returns all threw out the entire movie ?

      • Jake

        It was? Just remember it being used for the opening credits but then I also haven’t seen that movie since it was in theaters.

        • Jake

          Okay I checked out some of John Ottman’s Superman Returns score on youtube. He did incorporate Williams’ theme in several tracks but they were still primarily snippets injected into his original material. That’s more or less what I remembered it being.

          • The Night Rider

            It was hard to notice over Kevin Spacey’s creepiness. Wonder why Bryan Singer cast him.

          • Jake

            Probably thought he would be good as a Lex Luthor who kidnaps little boys.

            Yeah, this movie isn’t aging very well.

          • Mucho Macho

            After all that’s coming out about Kevin Spacey, I think Gwyneth Paltrow should be thankful she really was not decapitated and her head mailed to Brad Pitt.😂

      • The Night Rider
    • Avenging force

      Fucking love Julie Newman hot as fuck watch McKenna gold she’s smoking in that .

    • The Night Rider

      Williams’ score was literally the only good thing about Superman Returns.

  • Mucho Macho
  • Mucho Macho

    As a Batman fan, regardless of what your opinion is of “Batman versus Superman” I got to say that Ben Affleck was great as Batman.
    I haven’t seen too many clips of “Justice League” but at this moment I’m more excited about a stand-alone Batfleck movie.

    • Jack Caine

      Affleck’s reputation may have taken a hit with this whole groping scandal, but there’s no denying he gave a gripping performance as Batman.

      He clearly had a good handle on the part, took the matter firmly in hand and squeezed the most out of it.

    • Jake

      Yeah surprisingly Affleck ended up being the highlight of that film. I hope the rumors of him leaving aren’t true because I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the solo Bat film.

      He also might be the first actor to actually look as physically imposing as this guy:

      • Mucho Macho

        I hope he sticks around for the part. Couple of years ago you thought what else can they do with the role? especially after Bale’s beloved trilogy. But Affleck’s performance was awesome IMO & motherfucker looked the part too as u mentioned.

        What I’m a little worried about it’s all the sensitive types being all butt hurt that Batman was too “rough” and turn Batfleck into a pussy

        • Jake

          Agreed, he was also the first actor to move and fight the way Batman is supposed to in the comics.

          My concern is the studio will overreact to Batman vs. Superman’s bad reception and try to use the upcoming Flash movie to recast Batman with a younger actor (by having Flash alter the timeline). But hopefully Justice League will make the studio happy and we’ll finally get the kind of Batman and Superman movies fans have always wanted.

          • Mucho Macho

            I loved Batfleck and the anger that he brought to the role.
            But so many jerk off are crying in their pajamas cause Batfleck was too “mean” & he killed thugs, wah wah wah, I mean shit.
            I guess the bad guy from “Over the Top” just took a nap here

            Btw… I just saw an interview with a kid that plays The Flash and Dear Lord he’s like a mini Boy George.

          • Jake

            Even worse is that people complained about Affleck’s Batman going too far and yet it was supposed to be a movie about Batman going too far.

            Funny thing is, I think George Clooney is the only Batman who didn’t kill or allow someone to die. And he’s the one everybody hates. LOL

          • Mucho Macho

            Clooney is a dude that has done stuff over the years I was a fan of. Back in the day, the show that launch him to stardom “E.R.” in it’s prime was great. I usedto love that show. The first 5-6 seasons were really really good IMO.

            I also thought he was good in “From Dusk till Dawn” & “Out of Sight” ( which I think is an underrated movie)
            But his liberal smugness/ preachiness while living in an Italian Villa with servants away from the peons he claims to love has gotten annoying.😜

            Maybe with the right material he could’ve been at least a decent Bruce Wayne/Batman but he got to play the role in the cheesiest movie of the franchise.

          • Jake

            Gotta give Joel Schumacher credit, he managed to take the one Batman actor who basically was a real life Bruce Wayne and made him seem totally out of place as Bruce Wayne. That takes some effort. LOL

          • Mucho Macho

            Joel Schumacher took an even lighter approach to his second Batman movie cuz as I recall during interviews I remember him saying “Wayne is 35, he has a ton of money, he gets tons of women, has the coolest toys…why would you be mad & still hung up about your parents being murdered?!”

            And that’s when I felt even before I saw the movie, that the movie was going to be bad. I mean that’s the point, that the guy has all the advantages in the world but it’s so fucked up that he decides to go out at night and fight crime.

            Later on he said that he wanted to do something darker but the studio did not want to. I will say this about Joel Schumacher because of the backlash of Batman & Robin, amongst the Internet movie geek community, the guy has become fashionable to hate but I admit he has done a lot of good movies and a lot of great stuff that I have loved over the years & I’m still a huge fan of the movies he directed that I loved.
            I mean shit, if you don’t like “The Lost Boys” you don’t like the 80s..LOL

            Btw.. I bought the Batman movie box set with all the special edition Batman DVDs and the guy actually did a commentary for Batman and Robin and was man enough to take blame for everything while everybody else was running away…and that’s commendable.

    • The Night Rider

      The best since Keaton. Well, at least Kilmer. Kilmer was alright. The whole Nolan thing was trying far, far too hard.

      • Mucho Macho

        I actually think Val Kilmer was underrated as Batman.
        You know I loved Nolan’s trilogy but Clooney’s Batman was the worst. Maybe he could’ve been a good Batman but the approach and the material was all wrong.
        By the way I liked that Adam West’s Batman too😎👍

        • Avenging force

          Spartan is a great val Kilmer movie very underrated always watch it with tommy lee jones the haunted as a double bill.

  • Mucho Macho

    I did a lot of wrist exercises to Michelle Pfeiffer dressed as Catwoman

    Listening to the “Justice League” soundtrack RFN.
    Elfman’s Batman theme is threaded throughout the whole thing, and Williams’ classic Superman theme is touched on several times.

  • French Predator

    when PG-13 Was badass….

  • cescoss

    Hi friends! In the past i hated Ben Affleck but in Batman v Superman i loved it. With the best and only Batman theme I’m sure that BatBen Will save the movie. Kudos to Keaton, Elfman and Affleck.