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Stallone On Van Damme Breaking Into His House

Here is an interesting video where Sylvester Stallone talks about Jean Claude Van Damme’s bizarre behaviour in the early 1980’s.  Van Damme, says Stallone, broke into his house and begged him to be in one of his movies, on account of his high kicking ability.

“I was doing, I think it was Rocky III.  And I was coming out of my house and all of a sudden there was this disturbance outside in the bushes.  And I went out.  And it was him.  And he’d just come out from Belgium and he was like 21 years old and he was very ambitious and he wanted to be in films.  He could barely speak English and he was miming want he wanted to do, and he was doing these incredible kicks out on the driveway.  And my wife said who is the guy out on the driveway doing the splits.  And I said I don’t know!”

This is a rarely heard interview from around the time Stallone was promoting The Expendables.  Stallone also talks about how Van Damme turned him down for the movie, revealing what must be a near-deranged ego.  Master Seagal also turned the show down, but because he was in a feud with the king of corner cutting.

  • Mucho Macho

    By the way I’m not sure how many of you know of Howard Stern ( the man who is interviewing Stallone. ) outside of The States but I was a huge fan of the guy growing up. It’s kind of sad to see what he has become, he kind of has become what he used to make fun of a lot, a Hollywood phony with a trophy wife but up until a few years ago that guy was funny as hell.

    For those of you who have never seen his movie which is based on his autobiography, I recommend his film “Private Parts”

    • The Night Rider

      I remember Stern’s feud with Morton Downey Jr.

      • Mucho Macho

        He had a show that aired on Channel 9 in New York That I Used to Love. It was wild man.
        My dad will be like” boy what are you watching ?!” and then we’ll both sit and watch & laugh together.

      • Mucho Macho
      • Avenging force

        I remember Morton Downey jnr getting blasted by the hot rod at wrestle mania

  • Mucho Macho

    Van Damme was great in “Expendables 2”.
    “Don’t Challeingii mee!”

  • David Barber

    Van Damme was the Predator for a while but quit because of the suit.