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Thomas On Early Predator 2 Ideas, MJW Note

You might remember Gary Busey’s reference to a Predator hunting Marines during WW2.  Well actually, WW2 was considered at one point.

Jim Thomas laid out some early plans for alternate sequels recently, according to Bloody-Disgusting.

We had an idea about doing a World War 2 version in the Battle of the Bulge, in the middle of the winter,” Thomas noted. “A German foot platoon and an American platoon separated, and had a stalemate fighting each other off when the Predator shows up. They have to join together to defeat it. We thought the snow Predator effect would be quite different.

They also wanted Arnold to return, for a different idea.

We had an idea where at the end [of Predator], with the burned up clearing where the explosion happens… [Predator 2] opens there,” Thomas recalled. “Predator’s invisible feet come into view and a hand plunges down into the dust, into the ashes, and brings up the Predator’s arm and then activates the computer and get’s a readout to see everything that had happened up to that time, focusing on Arnold, and “this is my target.” We went from there and we had to think of how to bring Arnold back into it.

In separate news, Michael Jai White has hit the big 5-0. Check out MJW’s boxing psych lesson below.

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  • French Predator

    Now we’re stuck with slapstick bullshit, autistic kid who wins against the predator, friendly preds wearing human pants and all that vile crap.

    Like i’m saying since decades now, we need the thomas bros, we need silvestri, we need legacy studio (ex winston) and a fucking director who’s not a hack and a yes man.

    fuck you fox , flop incoming.

    • The Night Rider

      I thought the days of humans teaming up with Predators were firmly left in the Paul Wasted Semen Anderson era. Wait for the female Predator in the sequel.

      • French Predator

        the female GAY predator !

    • TheOldMcClane

      True fans agree.

    • Barney Ross
  • Avenging force

    Ww2 predator sounds fucking awesome why didn’t they do that.

  • Jacob Phillips

    For what it’s worth, the Predator novels Concrete Jungle and Cold War are pretty cool (or I thought so when I was a teenager anyway, not sure how they’d stand up now). They featured Dutch’s brother as stand in for Dutch and Cold War, as the title suggests, was set in a snow environment, Siberia I think.

  • David Barber

    Predator 1 and 2 were true movies just like Die Hard and Die Hard 2 were. All hail Joel Silver!