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Van Damme Vs. The Green Power Ranger

Jean Claude Van Damme recently had a showdown with The Green Power Ranger in Mexico. Above is a video of the incident, however it doesn’t appear to show the full thing, if the description from FloCombat (go there for the full story) is anything to go by.

“All of his crew comes out and everybody has their cameras out and he has this professional camera, I’m not sure if he’s shooting a reality show or what, but all the cameras are on and he comes out of the room and straight up to me and he goes, ‘Hey you like writing articles about people, you want to beat my ass?” Frank said recounting the altercation. “‘You gonna apologize for that?’ and I said nope. He goes, ‘You think you can still beat my ass?’ and I said yeah.

“He said ‘OK, let’s do it right now.’ I mean I thought it was all a joke, but his security was all filming this and I heard them talking in the back and it was clear that he was trying to punk me. Either make me look bad or throw a punch first.”

Apparently, Frank allowed Van Damme to share his VIP room, but this led to Frank not even being able to get into the room that was actually his.  This led to the confrontation.

At that moment, Frank said that Van Damme put his belongings down, and that led to Frank removing his watch and a necklace as it appeared the two of them were about to throw down in the middle of the hallway.

“I clinched him up and pushed him back, not in a violent way, in a respectful way that if you want to do this, let’s do this,” Frank said. “The whole time everybody is filming me and no security people are coming but everybody in his entourage is filming. So I clinched up with him and put him against the wall and he’s talking and he froze up and I raised my knee and said, ‘Do you want to this?’ and he doesn’t do anything so I let go.

You can’t really tell what is being said in the video above, but the name Chuck Zito is mentioned, from an incident presumably where Van Damme allegedly got knocked out by Zito in the 1990’s.  Zito alleges Van Damme was an asshole and had it coming.

Anyway, this follows Van Damme snubbing the White Ranger in 1995, then ignoring a request for a fight in 2010.  All I know is, if this had been with Steven Seagal, someone would’ve gotten their ass beat!