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Worst Poster Ever: New Challenger Appears!

The reigning champion for Worst Poster Ever is an Expend-Ables 3 poster.  There were several LSD Microsoft Paint character posters released for The Expend-Ables 3, but since Ronda Rousey was the worst character, her’s is pretty much the worst of the worst (of the worst… of the worst).

Before we get to the new challenger, one previous challenger almost knocked Ronda and her Expend-Ables 3 reign out.  And that was a poster for Terminator: Genisys.  If you don’t remember, see the article below.  It was a close call, but the LSD vomit is simply too tough.

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But now… a new challenger appears!  Actually, this movie kind of falls under our niche too, so maybe it should get a mention anyway.  It is a movie aimed at the male demographic.   Probably.

It’s pretty fucking awkward, actually, it’s almost mildly disturbing — some of these actors look like they’ve been embalmed or something.  I can’t put my finger on why, but on the other hand, it’s so awkward that it actually draws your eyes to it.  Which is kind of the intention of promotion.  I mean, there’s a piece of clothing next to Christopher Walken’s head, but I can’t say for sure whose anatomy it even belongs to.

Still, it can’t be as bad as mangled-hand Arnold, can it?