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35 Years Ago: 48 Hrs

This week, 48 Hrs was released 35 years ago.

This movie, directed by Walter Hill and co-written by Steven E. de Souza, is a fucking classic.  It’s symbolic of the best of the 1980’s if you ask me; abrasive, funny, violent and totally for grown ups.  It’s sequel is just as good too.

It’s a pity they never got around to making a third movie, but I quietly hope that one day it might happen.

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48 Hrs was a roaring success, pulling back more than six times its budget.  It was superb riff on the buddy cop genre and cemented Eddie Murphy’s status as a competent screen actor.  Joel Silver, Eddie Murphy, Steven E. de Souza, Walter Hill, Sonny Landham, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly… James Horner… it seriously doesn’t get much better.

Now all we need is for them to release the full goddamned version of Another 48 Hrs (the movie you all know is a butchered version, even though it’s still awesome).