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John Hyams Directing Wilderness Thriller

John Hyams, son of Peter Hyams and the man who made a handful of good Universal Soldier sequels despite having a budget of 75 dollars, is making a new thriller.

Set in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, Alone follows recently widowed Jessica (Jules Willcox) who, fleeing the city in a desperate attempt to cope with the loss of her late husband, is kidnapped and locked away in a mysterious man’s cabin. Her escape from the clutches of this murderous captor land her in the heart of the untamed wilderness, with only her wits to rely on for survival as her pursuer closes in.

It’s a Hyams movie, so the odds on it being decent are already good.  The film is also described as an action/thriller.  So it could have some pedigree.

  • Mucho Macho

    John Hyams & Isaac Florentine are 2 filmmakers that I would like to see get a chance to direct movies with a bigger budget than what they’re used to working with.

  • TheOldMcClane

    wait for the trailer.

  • David Barber

    John Hyams should have been chosen to direct the Predator movie instead of Shane Black. He picked some badassed action men for Regeneration.