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The Top Five Manliest Movies Of 2017

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5) Panfilov’s 28 Men/Review By Night Rider

Well, there is another year wrapped up.  And now we’re going to take a look at the manliest movies released in 2017.  Starting with the beautifully filmed, yet relatively unknown Panfilov’s 28 Men.

It’s nice to see a war movie show up now and again that does things the old way, even if we have to look in non-English areas.  Little to no CGI, location scouting (you know, instead of saying ‘fuck it, let’s blue-screen’), real vehicles, no camera shaking and so forth.  I gotta say, Russia is starting to move along in terms of making big movies, their industry is starting to find its feet in emulating Hollywood in their own way.  And Panfilov’s 28 Men is a fine war movie.

It was filmed in native 4K, so seriously, we need it on UHD.  War at night, in the snow, never had such expert lighting and cinematography.

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  • I love it that you think 10/10 scores are abused by too many people. It doesn’t mean the same anymore. But when you give that score finally out of nowhere, it really means something and gets my attention, personally. That’s why I loved it that you did

    • The Night Rider

      I think this kind of shit is particularly bad in video gaming. As soon as a big game is released, everyone gives it a score relative to its exposure and budget instead of quality.

      Review copies and swag are thrown around far more liberally by games publishers, that might have something to do with it. But games journalism is totally weak-kneed.

  • French Predator

    This list is pefect.

    I would add Kickboxer Retaliation too wich is a very fun and enjoyable movie like the first.Also The Babysitter was kinda fun too.

    • Mucho Macho

      “Kickboxer” kicked old school ass.
      Didn’t get to watch “The Babysitter”
      ( it’s on the list now)

      • French Predator

        it’s a fuNny one.And that fucking blonde…

    • The Night Rider

      KR will technically be 2018 pal.

      • French Predator


    • ManlyFannyPack
      • French Predator

        Fucking awesome

  • Mucho Macho

    This past year was hectic. With work & hurricanes I barely got to watch anything during the fall of this year. I only saw “John Wick Chapter 2” but I’ve had yet to watch the other 4 movies on the list.

    I’m still regretting not been able to watch “Dunkirk” & “Blade Runner 2049” in IMAX.
    I got some catching up to do A.S.A.P.

  • Jimmy Smith

    I think this year was one of the best in recent years for action . Although brawl in CB 99 & Dunkirk were some of my favs not sure I’d consider them action movies . But nonetheless some of my top ten would be John wick 2, Logan , the foreigner, headshot , atomic blonde , American assassin , hitmans bodyguard , 24 hours to live , security & acts of vengeance . Honourable mention to fast and furious 8 if only for the statham & rock scene plus Kong: skull island were some of the better big budget actioners this year imo.

  • Jeff

    “Cannon Films Academy for Boys” HA HA Love it!!

  • TheOldMcClane

    Great list, although it was slim pickings this year.

  • The only movies on this list I’ve seen are “Blade Runner 2049” and “Brawl in Cell Block 99,” because I only ever see movies with numbers in the titles. Both are excellent movies, and based on your including them in this list, I must now see the sequels to the others. I’m not sure how I missed the “John Wick” sequel.

  • ManlyFannyPack

    see this – gary busy toasting John Milius – BASED

  • crocop97

    I’ve seen this one a couple of weeks ago, simply amazing, Dong-seok Ma gives this badass Bud Spencer vibe as he’s slapping around pissant wise guys.

  • Stig Johansen

    Good list. Star Wars should top the Least Manly list, I think. I mean the badguy’s ship was called “Supremacy” and it got cut in half by a purple-haired feminist.

  • David Barber

    I think special mention should also go to The Foreigner, We Still Steal The Old Way, Hacksaw Ridge, Free Fire (guns and gore galore) and The Dark Tower featuring Idris Elba. Logan was also very, very good.

  • ColonelBobi

    I still really need to see those two manly looking prison movies. Aside from these The Foreigner was very good. JW2 not bad at all but not as good as the first one.

  • Slater93

    Nice shout out to Felon, such an underrated gem. John Wick 2 is what Jason Statham movies should be like. Also, Logan is manly as fuck