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Amazon Cancels Van Johnson

It looks like Jean Claude Van Johnson’s goose has been cooked. According to Variety the series is no more. I think hopes of it being outsourced to someone else are low.

Amazon has canceled three original series — “I Love Dick,” “One Mississippi,” and “Jean-Claude Van Johnson.” The move continues an aggressive shift by the digital giant away from the original-programming strategy championed by ousted Amazon Studios president Roy Price and toward a new approach mandated by company founder Jeff Bezos, who has called for bigger, broader series with the potential to perform well internationally.

The show was developed under Roy Price, who was fired by Amazon last year for propositioning a female producer before a party.  It should be noted though, that Jeff Bezos (the trillionaire head honcho) told Price that shows like Van Johnson were walking a thin rope under his newer aspirations for content production before Price was fired.

Since we’re talking about Van Damme, it would be interesting to know what the hell is happening with The Eagle Path.  That thing has been in the oven for what seems like an eternity…